Joel Bacha's Elementary School English Plan

Year 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

> review: colors, adjectives, some vocab >> What do you like?
> 'I like (adjective) + (color) +(noun)' relay >> I like (adjective) + (color) + (noun).
> Show 'Are you a (adj / color / emotion) + (noun)?' > Are you a (color / adj / emotion) + (noun)?
> Show 'Do you like (adj / color / emotion) + (noun)?' > Do you like (color / adj / emotion) + (noun)?
> review: colors, fruit/food, animals ** What's your name? & How are you?
> Practice 'What (color/fruit/animal) do you like?' (combined)
> Games with 'What (color/fruit/animal) do you like?' >> What (color/fruit/animal) do you like?
>> I like _______.
3DAY &MONTHS > days/months ** Thank you / You're Welcome
> seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter (show words) > When is your birthday?
> Games with days & months >> (month)
4EMOTIONS > review: emotions >> What's your name? / I'm _______
> emotions: any emotions students want to know Nice to meet you / Nice to meet you too.
> Games with emotions >> How are you? / I'm (emotion). How are you? /
I'm (emotion).
5NUMBERS > review: phrases, days, months, (show words) ** What's your name? & How are you?
> numbers: #1-100 (combined)
> Karuta >> How old are you?
> Games with numbers. >> I'm (age)
6TIME > review: numbers ** Thank you / You're welcome
> time: (ex. 3:25, 12:30) >> What time is it?
> Games with time. >> It's (time).
> Halloween: ghost, witch, devil, pumpkin >> Happy Halloween
> Show pictures
> vehicles: see 6-nen sei topics
> Games with vehicles and Halloween vocab
8BODY PARTS > body parts: see 6-nen sei topics ** What's your name? & How are you?
> Games with body parts (combined)
** I'm sorry / That's OK (No Problem)
> directions: see 6-nen sei topics (show words) ** I'm sorry / That's OK (No Problem)
> Games with directions, by try to mix with culture ** Thank you / You're welcome
(ie. American Thanksgiving)
> Christmas: Santa Claus, snowman, stocking, >> Merry Christmas
x-mas tree, present >> What's This?
> THIS & THAT (show words) >> What's That?
> Games with THIS, THAT, and Christmas
11ADJECTIVES > review: numbers (1-100), time, emotions ** Thank you / You're welcome
> adjectives: see 6-nen sei topics (show words) >> Are you (adjective / emotion)? / (Yes / No)
> Practice 'Are you (adjective / emotion)?' -- Game
> Adjective/Emotion + Noun
> adjectives: any adjectives students want to know >> Are you a (adjective / emotion) + (noun)? /
> review: adjective/emotion + noun (Yes / No)
> Practice 'Are you a (adejctive/emotion) + (noun)?' >> Do you like (adjective / emotion) + (noun)? /
> Practice 'Do you like (adejctive/emotion) + (noun)?' (Yes / No)
13ABCs > Say ABCs ** I'm sorry / That's OK (No Problem)
> ABC pronounciation (LR, BV, MN, GZ) >> What's this?
> Review THIS & THAT (show words) >> What's that?
> Games with ABCs, THIS/THAT
> review: phrases, #s 1-100, ABCs ** What's your name? & How are you?
> Play cultural game ** Are you (adjective / emotion)? / (Yes / No)
** Are you a (adj / emot) + (noun)? / (Yes / No)
** Do you like (adj / emot) + (noun)? / (Yes / No)
NOTES: If +14 lessons, then: -Cultural games ** Conversation phrase
-Cultural crafts >> Lesson Speaking phrases
-World talks > Lesson Listening phrases
-English review
Ask 'What's the weather like?' at the beginning of some lessons.
Ask 'Where are you from?' when talking about the world.



-Colors(11): green, blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, brown, white, black,
pink, gray

-Animals: ant, bird, cat, cow, dog, eel, elephant, frog, fish, horse, jellyfish, lion, monkey,
mouse, octopus, pig, rabbit, snake, spider, tiger, whale, zebra, (others…)

-Fruit/Food: apple, banana, cherry, chicken, egg, grapes, orange, pear, ice, ice cream,
strawberry, water, (others…)

-Alphabet Vocab (see page 3)

-Days of the Week(7): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday

-Months(12): January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August,
September, October, November, December

-Seasons(4): Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

-Emotions: fine, good, OK, great, hungry, happy, sad, hot, cold, tired, angry, thirsty,

-Numbers: #1-100

-Time 3:45, 11:42, etc…

-Vehicles(10): car, truck, plane, train, helicopter, boat, bus, motorcycle, bike(bicycle),

-Body Parts(14): hand, foot, head, eye, ear, nose, mouth, tummy, fingers, toes,
LEFT, RIGHT, arm, leg

-Directions(8): left, right, forward, back, up, down, stop, go

-Adjectives: fast, slow, short, tall, big, small, hot, cold, scary, cute (others…)

-Alphabet Pronunciation

-Weather(10): sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, snowy, hot, cold, fine, beautiful day,
typhoon (hurricane)


- Holidays: Halloween, Christmas, (others…)
- Cultural Games
- World Talks: Time differences, Season differences, Distances, World Flags,
Country names & locations, Languages in different countries
-PHRASES (Speaking & Listening):

-Good Morning
-Good Afternoon

-Hello, I'm _______.
I'm _______.
Nice to meet you. (handshake)
Nice to meet you too.

-What do you like?
I like (adjective + noun).

-What (color/animal/fruit) do you like?
I like .

-Do you like (color/fruit/animal)? -Do you like (adjective/emotion + noun)?
Yes / No Yes / No

-Thank you.
You're Welcome

-When is your birthday?

-How are you?
I'm (emotion) .

-How old are you?
I'm (age) .

-What time is it?
It's (time) .

-I'm sorry.
That's OK / No problem

-What's this?
-What's that?

-Are you (adjective/emotion)? -Are you a (adjective/emotion + noun)? Yes / No Yes / No

-I am (adjective/emotion). -I am a (adjective/emotion + noun).
-What's the weather like?
It's (weather)

-Where are you from?
I'm from .

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Year 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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