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The Koala Game

Grade: 1 to 6
Target Maths: Any Sums 

This is a cool game for smaller classes. You need to prepare 2 or 3 small cuddly toys. Koalas are cool! 

1. Sit the kids in a circle. 

2. Ask the kids a question e.g. "What's 7 x 3 ?"

3. Pass the koala to a kid who answers correctly.

4. The kids then pass the koalas amongst themselves. First of all a kid says a sum and then passes the koala to the kid who answers quickest. 

5. You can also try a continuous sum e.g. "What's 1 + 2?", then the next kid asks "What's "3 x 5?" etc.


During the practice sessions, the teacher can introduce several koalas so that lots of kids get to practice. 

This is a really effective game if you give personalities to your cuddly toys. The fact that the animals have names seems to make the kids respect them more and take better care of them!! 

This is a good game, but don't overplay it! 

And yes, I do know that's not a koala at the top of the page - you try finding a cute animated koala on the web, it's not easy! : ) 

(I still haven't found an ostrich for the ostrich game either!) 

Anyway, try it, it's a good game! 

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