Game in Japanese

Mr Bump Game!

Target Grade:3-6
Target English: Left, right, forwards, backwards, turn, go
Preparation: A blind fold, stop watch

This game is a bit like the Japanese "suika wari" ("smash the water melon game!")
First of all teach the words "back, forwards" then "left and right", and then "go" and "turn". One of the best ways to do this is with the Genki English "Left and Right" song


1. Split the class into several groups (of not more than about 5 people).

2. Arrange the desks into a more "random" order (neat rows make the game too easy).

3. Tell the kids to janken to see which group goes first. The game is played one group at a time.

4. One kid in the group puts on the blindfold and stands in one corner of the room. Spin the kid around 3 times to disorientate them a bit.

5. Start the stop watch.

6. The kid's teammates must try and direct him/her to the board, (where you will have drawn a "target") by saying "left", "right" etc. etc.

7. When they reach the target stop the stopwatch.

8. If they take more than 2 minutes it's "Game Over" for them!
(This helps keeping things moving along)

9. The next team has a go.

10. The team with the fastest time is the winner.

If the teammates speak Japanese then add 2 seconds to their time. Similarly if other teams are being noisy then add 2 seconds to their time.

Make sure some desks are pushed up against the wall, otherwise they can just walk straight along, feeling the wall!

Remember that when you're facing the class then "left" and "right" are reversed for the kids and hence confusing! Be careful!

Also, make sure they know their left and right in their native language before you start!! (year 3 upwards should be OK)

It's a good idea to draw a target on the board and get the kids to hit it with an inflatable hammer (see the Hammer Game)

Some kids try and memorise the positions of the desks and just walk to the target without listening to their teammates. To prevent this simply move some of the desks around whilst they are blindfolded!

The kids might want to try a second time, so either add the two times together or just take the best of the two!

 It usually takes two lessons for the kids to master this game (the first time might be a disaster, but once they get used to shouting out loud they really get into it!). Once they have got the hang of it, you can move onto the Star Wars: Lightsaber Battle game !

Why is it called the Mr Bump game? Try it and you'll see!

Mr Bump Game in Video

Here's a video of the game in action, I think from Greece.
As you can see it's great practice in picking out the information you need as everyone is shouting out at the same time. You probably also want to make sure the people who shout stay at the back of the class, that makes it a lot easier to stop any cheating!

Teachers' Feedback

This is a fantastic game which my Korean elementary kids absolutely love. I changed it up a little by using a bell instead of the board, and for the older kids I would place it at different places in the classroom and even under / on top of things. Placing it on top of one of my naughty kids heads' works especially well. Thanks again for the great site and information, this is my first year teaching EVER and your videos and site has literally saved my life! Kindest regards, Caitlin. South Korea


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