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Rocket Launch!

Target English: numbers 0-100
Target grade: Kindergarten to Junior High school 1
Song: is in the Teacher's Set
And in the new curriculum Level.

Rocket Launch
by Richard Graham

100 (10)
90 (9)
80 (8)
70 (7)
60 (6)
50 (5)
40 (4)
30 (3)
20 (2)
10 (1)

In the classroom or at home ........

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This song is a bit different to the other Genki English songs. On CD vol. II there are 2 versions featuring numbers from 1-10 and 10 to 100. We use this song as the opener to our shows. Check out the songs page for more songs.

There's also a cool Rocket Launch Alphabet dot-to-dot on the worksheets

I've been using the rocket launch game in my classes for a long time. I originally did it for numbers 1-12, but I found it was equally a great way to quickly practice the numbers 20, 30, 40 etc.

All the kids and the teacher crouch down on the floor.

As you say the countdown you gradually move to a stood up position, with your arms above your head like a rocket.

As you near 0 you count louder, and finally on zero you jump up in the air in a huge lift-off!!

Try doing it on your own as an example first. Also, make sure you have your legs still slightly bent at the end, so that you have enough power to jump at take off! One other great idea is to practice without the music and then stop at about part way through. Tell the kids they weren't loud enough and the countdown had to be aborted!! Then start again, stop again, and finally try the full thing along with the music!! It works well on it's own, but the music really makes it into something special!!

This track also works really well as a countdown at the end of games such as "Gokiburi" or "Name Card Game" - just play the music to signal the game is nearly over!

On the CD....

The 10-100 version of the song is featured on CD vol. 2 as track 15. There is also a software section - move over the numbers and see the rocket launch!

The "Rocket Launch" song can be found on CD vol. II !


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