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Spiderman 3

Target Grade: Elem 3-adults
Target English: Question & answer practice
Preparation: Pictures of Spiderman, Mary Jane and 3 enemies

Help Spiderman save Mary Jane from the Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus and the Sandman!
This game is basically a scoring game which you can mix and match with other games, but the way I present it here is great for question and answer practice.


First of all you need A4 print outs of various Spiderman characters. You can easily get these by doing a google image search. You'll need one Mary Jane Watson, and then one Spiderman and villain for each group. One group can be up to around 8 kids. The best grouping is one group as Spiderman 1 vs. the Green Goblin, the next group as Spiderman 2 vs. Doctor Octopus and the final group as Spiderman 3 vs. the Sandman.

Like in the Banana Tree Game you then prepare the board, this takes about 2 minutes ( or one if you've had practice), so is good to do whilst the kids are doing a warm up game where the teacher isn't involved ( e.g. Harry Potter, Gokiburi etc. )

On the board you need to draw a tall building with several floors ( around 7 or 8 ) and wide enough so that your characters fit. Each teams' Spiderman and villain starts at the ground floor. On top of the building you put the picture of Mary Jane. The idea is the Spidermans will race to the top to save the girl! ( And yeah, I know it's not politically correct but don't blame me, write to Stan Lee!)

Then you need to split the kids into groups. Either use groups they normally make or use mingle and shout out a number, they have to get into groups of that number. . All the groups have to have the same number of people.

The Game

1. Each group forms a circle.

2. Each group decides which person in the group will go first.
3. The teacher says "Go!"
4. Simultaneously the first kid in each group asks the person next to them ( clockwise) today's target question. ( e.g. When's your birthday? Where are you going? What's your favourite colour? etc. etc. )
5. This person answers and asks the next person.
6. Keep going round the group until the first person answers the question.
7. Everyone stands up and shouts "Yeah!"
8. The quickest team is the winner.

9. The winner's team's Spiderman moves TWO floors up the building. And all the other teams' villains move one floor up the building.
10. The person next to the person who started last time starts this time.
11. Repeat from 3
12. Keep going until one Spiderman has saved Mary Jane!!

This game works great, even with older kids and even in Junior High School ( just change the target language to be whatever you are studying). Just the simple fact of having the game based on Spiderman gets the kids hooked!

You should change the question every couple of goes or even introduce a rule that says everyone has to give a different answer, that way they have to listen to what the other people have said!

And remember to teach the Golden Rule: Losing just means it's another chance to try again!


Readers' Comments

Hi Richard,

First of all, thanks! You saved my class. I'm in hamburg, Germany just helping out in my son's 6th grade english class because I'm a native speaker (USA). I was so relieved after reading about the "brick wall" 6th graders. It wasn't just my fault after all that they were bored! But the last 3 lessons I did in genki style and I got em hooked. They love it! I have their attention, they respect me and we are all having fun. Two other teachers saw (and heard, thin walls) and told me how great they thought it was. And I'm not even a teacher! I'm just a dad who goes to work afterwards. We played Spiderman last week. I just had a chalkboard, so I drew a building, put Maryjane on top, and one Spiderman on each side. the kids saw them as the good and the bad Spiderman from SP3. So one group was evil and the other good. They thought that was cool. then it was a race to the top. It was so intense for them. they were asking questions in a circle and really cheering. Next time I want to make it a bit different. The 1st round will be any questions. The second will be future questions (Will you...?) and the 3rd will be past tense questions.

Your reference to epals was also great. We have communication with 2 classes. One in the US and one in Brazil. Now there is a reason for them to speak and write english. It's quite exciting form me and them.

Keep up the good work!