Game in Japanese

Telephone Game!

Target Grade:1-6
Target Conversation: Any Conversation, "My name is ...."
"How are you" etc.
Preparation: CD player and two old mobile phones.

You can buy old (but very new looking) mobile phones at second hand shops (such as Hard Off) for about 100 Yen. Give them a thorough clean and they are great for class (kids don't get to play with real mobiles that often!)

1. Introduce and practice one-on-one (using the Criss Cross Game or Last Person Standing) your target conversation.

examples include

a:My name is ........
b: My name is ............ How are you?
a: I'm...... How are you?
b: I'm ........ Goodbye

2. Give the kids 10 minutes to practice with as many classmates as they can.

3. During this time set up a scoring system (Banana Tree Game or Ski Game or something)

4. Sit the kids down and assign them groups (e.g. ski, snowboard etc.)

5. Now play the Ball and Music Game. But instead of the ball, use the two telephones. Start one phone at the back and one at the front.

6. When the music stops, the two kids with the phones do the conversation.

7. If they do well then their team gets a point!

8. Repeat from step 5

This game can get quite advanced can be used as a warm up lesson for the "What do you like" Bingo game.

Sometimes you'll stop the music and one kid has both phones. That can be amusing, and worth double points!!


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