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What Do you Like Bingo Game!

Target Grade:3-6
Target English: "What do you like?", "I like......"
A conversation game that the kids really love and do very well at.


1. Review some words they already know, but only things that they might like (e.g. cat, dog, curry, orange, TV, playstation etc.)

2. Introduce "What do you like?" and "I like......"

3. Use the Criss-Cross or Last Man Standing game to practice the phrases. Then...

Game Part A

1. Give all the kids a 3X3 bingo grid.

2. In the middle square they write something they like. It is important that during the game they speak in English, but write in Japanese (not katakana English, i.e. they write "ringo" (in hiragana), NOT "apuru" (in katakana)).

3. They then go and ask their friends "Hello. What do you like?"

4. The friend responds by saying "I like " and then the name of the object that is written in their middle square.

5. The person who asked then writes this object in one of his/her vacant squares on the grid.

6. If they already have the word written down they must pass and go and find someone who likes something different!!

7. The game finishes when everyone has filled all 9 squares.

Game Part B

1. Everyone sits down in their seats.

2. You play the Ball and Music game, but this time use two balls (moving independently). You could even try using two telephones as in the Telephone Game.

3. When the music stops the two kids who have the balls go through the conversation. i.e.
"Hello, What do you like?"
"I like ........ What do you like?"
"I like ......... Thank you, goodbye"

4. If anyone in the class has either of the two words they cross them out on their bingo card.

5. The first person to get 3 in a row wins!!

Instead of using 2 balls with the music, you can use two mobile phones. You can buy them for about 100 yen at second hand stores, and it really adds something to the game. Make sure the kids know enough vocab so that there is a variety of things they like. For example if everyone puts down "apple" then it'll get pretty boring!!!.

Another way to select the students is to have them make a big circle. At one side their are a pair of desks they must walk through, and at the other side of the circle there are another two desks to walk through. You play some music and the kids walk. When you stop the music, the kids stop. One kid should be in between each pair of desks. These two kids then do the conversation.

For more advanced classes you can increase the complexity of the conversation to include "My name is...." "How are you....." "What's the weather like to day?" as a bit of small talk before the main "What do you like?"


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