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B&W Mini Cards Book!

Brand new Photocopiable Mini Cards Book. Over 400 cards ready to photocopy, cut out, colour and play!

Great for games, reviewing and giving the kids a present to take home each lesson.
Printed on high quality glossy paper, they look really good.

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Click the lower right corner of the picture above to flip through some example pages!

Here's what's inside!

The book contains a page of games ( in English & Japanese), plus 54 A4 pages of cards for CDs 1 to 5, with around 9 cards per page. Of course if you're a CD Set Owner you can print out the colour ones from the website, but these black & white ones are great for making quick copies for all the kids in your class.

They are also "outlined" rather than being in shades of grey so are excellent for colouring in.

Have a look at the colour mini cards page to see some examples.
( There are also a couple of bonus ones included in this book!)

Order your copy now for only 1,575 Yen + P&P