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How to ... use the Genki English
Computer Games in class

Here's a quick video to show you how to use the Online Games. I used the GenkiJapan games as an example, but everything applies to the Genki English games, the Genki Korean ones and the games on the Genki English Teacher's Set.

I hope you like the video and it helps get your students (and maybe yourself) on the road to 21st century learning! : )

The beauty of using computers is ....

everyone learns at their own pace ( great for mixed level classes)
their pronunciation is perfect.
students learn to make mistakes, not just losing their fear of mistakes, but actively wanting to learn from them.
in class time you can concentrate on learning to use the English, rather than learning the words.
kids love computers and will love English time even more.

The trick is for the kids to try the computer games before you do each lesson in normal class. That way everyone starts at the same level, i.e. understanding all the target vocab.

How do you do this?

In private English classes...
Set the kids the game for the next class as homework. They have to play the game at home until they can do it 3 times in a row without making any mistakes. Just one game per lesson is fine ( but of course some will rush ahead and do more!).

In elementary school...

* Get the kids in the computer room, 2 kids per computer.
* Give them 5 or 10 minutes to play around on today's new theme. This is where they experiment, clicking on different answers to figure out what the spoken English means.
* Then the teacher says "go!" and all the kids start together and see who finishes first. It's very noisy, but this works to your advantage as the kids have to build up good listening skills to pick out the information they need, and filter out the background noise.
* Do this 2 or 3 times ( or more if they are still having fun.)
* The competition part is very important, this is where your heart rate races and you really absorb the English!
*You can usually do 1 or 2 themes in one 45 minute lesson.

Then when you come to do the main lesson plan of the song + classroom game, you'll find it frees up so much time and the kids will talk a whole lot more in class because you've replaced the initial learning process.

On the Online Computer Games page you'll find games for 12 of the easiest themes from the Genki English curriculum. The other themes are in the Genki English Teacher's Set.

If you are in an elementary school you might be interested in getting a site license to use the CDs on every computer in the school.

( The versions in the full set are a lot bigger and contain more variations of each phrase, and include different accents.)

OK, have a try with the free games online and I'm sure you'll be very, very impressed by how quick your students learn the new material!

But if you don't believe me, have a try at learning some Korean using the same method!

Be genki,


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