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Teachers: Full Genki English Online Homework

Phonics Matching Pairs Games

Phonics Game b n Phonics Game mz Phonics Game blends abc song

For teachers / parents: What is Phonics?

Sample Games from Genki English Curriculum

For homework: play before each lesson to learn all the words.
In class: Everyone gets on a different computer, race to see who finishes first!
Click here for the Teachers' Notes.

If you speak English and find these too easy, try the Korean or Japanese games.
You'll soon see how the English games can really help your students!

from vol. 1


How much?

Left & Right Code

from vol. 2

How old are you?


What time is it?

Games from the other themes are in the Genki English Teacher's Set.
(These versions contain more recordings and a mix of accents)
Click here for the Teachers' Notes.

Extra Games

Make a Face Game

Animals Game


Colors Game

Drinks Game


Winter Clothes

North, South, East & West

Cooking Corner

Cheese on Toast
Choco Bananas

Magic & Fortune Telling

Magic Corner
Yes / No Fortunes

Hip Hop Games ( higher level)

If you had a
million dollars
Have you ever...?

Where's the ...?

Dream Holiday

Cool English Phrases

Teacher's Set

Bring your class to life!
Plus there are lots more computer games in the Genki English Teacher's Set!

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