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CD Volume 5 - Is your collection complete?

It's taken over 2 years, teaching over 14,000 kids and finding out what they want to say, plus feedback from 100s of teachers, but it's finally here: Genki English CD vol. 5! The biggest and best yet with nearly an hours audio, covering 9 themes and an even bigger software section.

Check out the lesson plans below with details of the gestures,
actions and flash cards for each theme!
+ NEW: You can now listen to a sample of each song!

1. When, When, When? ( Next year, last year etc.)
2. How do you say ... in English?
3. I can do it!
4. Creepy Crawlies
5. Food Part I
6. What's your favourite ... ?
7. Food Part II
8. Where is Mr Monkey?
9. What do you think of ... ?

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Full Track Listing:

01 When, When, When? Mini Lesson
02 When, When, When? Song
03 When, When, When? Karaoke  

04 How do you say... in English? Mini Lesson
05 How do you say .... in English? Song
06 How do you say .... in English ? Karaoke

07 I can do it! Mini Lesson 
08 I can do it! Song
09 I can do it! Karaoke   

10 Creepy Crawlies Mini Lesson
11 Creepy Crawlies Song
12 Creepy Crawlies Karaoke  
13 Food A - M Mini Lesson
14 Food A - M Song
15 Food A - M Karaoke

16 What's your favourite...? Mini Lesson
17 What's your favourite..? Song
18 What's your favourite ...? Karaoke   

19 Food N - Z Mini Lesson
20 Food N - Z Song  

21 Where is Mr Monkey? Mini Lesson
( on, in, under, etc.)
22 Where is Mr Monkey? Song
23 Where is Mr Monkey? Karaoke   

24 What do you think of ... ? Mini Lesson
25 What do you think of ... ? Song
26 What do you think of ... ? Karaoke

Funky Bonus Tracks:
27 How do you say ... ? ( Simple Mix )
28 Where is Mr Monkey? ( Dragon Mix )
29 Creepy Crawlies ( Short Song )
30 Food A - Z

Each song is designed to be easy enough for the kids to sing, is very genki and of course they all have very annoying melodies that stick in your head all day long!

Just like the other CDs if you pop the CD in a CD player you have the songs and also karaoke versions are presented so you can add in any extra words you wish to teach. Plus in this new CD the very popular "Mini Lessons" from CDs 2 and 4 are back, but this time not just in the software, but on the audio section of the CD as well. Perfect for those of you who don't like singing - pop it in the CD player and off you go!

And of course as this is a Genki English CD you can put it into a suitable computer and get a whole new interactive learning experience - great for teachers who aren't confident in their English or even better for kids to do as homework!

Just like CDs vol 2 and vol 4 each of the themes has:

Pronunciation Guide: move the mouse over the word to hear it spoken and see a cool picture!

Learn the song with the illustrated "Mini Lesson"

Then the song itself complete with lyrics and illustrations

All the themes except "How do you say .. in English?" also have a funky "Karuta" style game.

And to finish off you have the Karaoke Version!
Windows XP or Mac OSX is recommended for the software section, but it should work fine on older machines, maybe just a little slower.
If your machine can handle the phonics quizzes on this site, then you should be OK!

These songs are brand new so over the coming months there'll be more hints, tips, games and teaching ideas to let you get even more enjoyment out of them. They really do make a difference, and as the songs have nearly all been chosen from what the kids themselves want to say, you can be sure you're teaching some very useful English.

So what are you waiting for, get your order in today!

Or try the Instant Download Pack!