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How do you say .... in English?

Target Langauge: How do you say ... in English?
Target Grade: Kindergarten to Junior High 1
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"How do you say..."
by Richard Graham

How do you say ... in English?
(And again!)
How do you say ... in English?
(One more time!)
How do you say ... in English?
How do you say ... in English?

How do you say ... in English?
(Excuse me?)
How do you say ... in English?
(I can't hear you!)
How do you say ... in English?
(Once again!)
How do you say ... in English?
(Well Done)
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"How do you say ... in English?" is one of the most useful phrases kids can learn, they certainly ask me it all the time! Here it's presented in the form of a great review lesson. It's very, very simple.

As with the other songs, go through the line a couple of times without the music, so the kids understand and can sing it.

Then prepare a set of 8 picture cards that you wish to review.

Start the music and the kids sing along.

During the break between the "How do you say ..." and "in English?" you hold up a picture card. You can optionally say the word in Japanese, or Chinese or whatever the kids' native language is.

The kids shout it out, in English, after the "in English?" line

You then say "And again!" or "One more time!" ( see the lyrics to the left!) and the kids repeat the word.

Continue on for the other 7 words.

Very simple but as with the other songs on CD5 it's the very, very annoying melody that makes it get stuck in your head all day!

There's also a version without the "Sorry?", "I can't hear you?" lines so you can practice longer phrases ( or if they get a bit too repetitive!).

And you can also flip the idea around by using the karaoke version and asking "How do you say ... in Japanese/ Korean/ German?" or whatever to see if they understand the meaning of the words!

You can use any of the picture cards with this theme, and the 4 above are from the Audio Mini Lesson on the CD, where we same some words in "Martian" and the kids have to translate into English!!
If you use the CD in a PC or Mac, whilst listening to the song, the computer will flash up a random picture for each line, so if you have a projector and laptop in the classroom ( all Japanese schools have projectors) it's a great review, and even less work for you - just sit back and enjoy!

A classic "snakes and ladders" style game. The kids shake a dice and move their counter ( coins are good) that number of spaces. Their opponents say "How do you say" + the name of the object on that square +" in English?". If the person who shook the dice can answer in English, they can stay there, else they have to move back! Or they can ask the teacher with "How do you say ... in English?". If they land on a snake's mouth , they automatically move to the snake's tail. If they are at the bottom of a ladder and can answer the word at the top, they can climb the ladder, else they go back to their previous place!

The "How do you say...?" song can be found on CD vol. 5 !

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