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Friday 13th October 2000

Ikuko presented us with a bundle of neatly folded, laundered clothes. What is more she had made lunch for us to take with us. We were overwhelmed.

Long drive to Abashiri. Police cars everywhere - easily visible from miles away because they had their lights flashing. And there were roadworks galore. Neither of these could detract from the beauty of the Taisetsuzan National Park in its autumnal glory. Hokkaido is so big and unspoilt that it is easy to forget one is in Japan.

Finally arrived at Tentland, site of the Hokkaido AJET Fall meeting, to find the assorted JETs mingling and chatting. I tracked down Will Wycherley - an English JET I had met 2 years before in a Sapporo minshuku - and we had a good natter. The assembled mass migrated towards the designated campfire area but as there was no fuel the fire idea was abandoned and everyone piled into the closest cabin - Cabin O.


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