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Genki English Motivation Training Shows!

"Taking Primary Schools by Storm" - Daily Yomiuri
"...bringing about a grassroots revolution in English-language teaching" - Japan Times
"Genki English is the genkiest thing since enriched vitamin drinks" - Kagoshima ALT

Invite GenkiEnglish to your school and get your students motivated, genki and ready to learn more!

Genki English shows are a fast action, fun-packed 45 minutes of songs, movement, English & motivation training for Elementary school kids of any level - even complete beginners!

What's in the show?

In the show the kids do 3 hours of lessons squashed down into a one hour Genki extravaganza!

1. Genki Disco Warm Up - I can do it!
2. Rock, Paper, Scissors - Losing just means "try again!"
3. I'm a superhero! - I can do anything!

Plus lots and lots of motivation and getting the kids GENKI!!

Of course GenkiEnglish tailors each show to the kids abilities, sometimes adding little bits here and there! In Elementary schools I teach the whole school in one go. For private English school shows we can teach the shows with as little as 200 kids, but ideally there will be several hundred! The shows featured in the Daily Yomiuri Newspaper ("Genki English taking primary schools by storm!" was what they said!) had over 1000 students!!

Genki English  Shows - Pricing!!

Of course, this type of education is very expensive. GenkiEnglish is one of the leading authorities in this field. However, I also want as many children as possible to see just how fun English can be, and how easy it is to learn! Hence there are 2 pricing structures.

Elementary Schools ("kouritsu" schools)

My main aim at Genki English is to get Elementary Schools teaching in a fun and effective way, with the new syllabus I want to make sure that instead of boring, grammar based English, the kids learn "International Understanding" in the best way possible! I also fully understand how busy teachers are, the budget constraints of schools and the effort required to put on an event of this kind. Hence the majority of the preparation is done at this end, and hence can do shows at Elementary Schools at special rates. The things that I require are:
  • There is a 1 hour show for all the students, grades 1-6, in the school gym. If the school has more than 1000 students we can do it without the 6th graders.
  • I need to connect my computer to a projector and to the speakers in the gym, a hand held wireless microphone and two liters of drinking water are also needed (I get very thirsty!)
  • Parents should be informed of the event in advance and invited to attend.
  • Permission for press/newspapers/TV to attend. It's great publicity for the school as parents see that school really cares about the kids' education.
  • Return travel expenses and accommodation from Imabari City. If there are several schools in one town, they can split the travel expenses between them.
  • The Price is 100,000 yen per day. Up to 3 shows can be do in different schools in one day. Or teacher's workshops.
  • Boards of Education do not need to provide any paperwork, all we need is the permission of the Head Teacher!
The kids get a cool English class, the parents get a chance to see how good their kids can be, and the school gets motivated kids and teaching seminar! Get in touch now!

- OR -

For non-public Elementary schools, "English Circles" or English Conversation Schools we have...

Private Shows

I can still offer unbeatable value for private shows. Your students will get a chance to have an amazing hour long Show, and your school will benefit from the association with Genki English, and the subsequent publicity. As an organiser, we would ask that you:

  • Hire a venue, such as a city hall, or community center, with a CD Player PA system, projector and a hand held wireless mic.
  • Publicise the event in order to attract at least 200 Upper Kindergarten or Elementary School Age students. The more students the better the show, up to a maximum of around 1000. If several private teachers group their students together, this can be easily achieved!
  • Organise insurance (can be done very inexpensively, but very necessary!)
  • Invite parents to attend the show.
  • Aged 3-4 years old children may attend, however for safety reasons they cannot join the other students, but may sit with their parents at the back and enjoy the show.
  • Students pay only 1,500 yen each to attend. From this money we subtract expenses and divide the remainder of the money 70/30 in favour of Genki English. This way it costs you as an organiser nothing to host the event, and you could end up making a profit!
  • Expenses also include return travel expenses from Fukuoka City to the venue, and accommodation.
  • I also require permission to sell CDs/Videos at the venue. 10% of the CD sales will go to you.
The entrance fee would be probably less than a normal one hour English lesson, but it would be the best "lesson" that the kids have ever had!!! It's great publicity for your school, and great motivation for the kids as they look forward to the event beforehand, and get a great boost of energy from the show!!!

We do the show one day, then we can also offer a Teacher Training Seminar the next day, travel expenses will have already been paid, so admission will be a very inexpensive 9,000 yen per teacher.

Cool, what's next?

I'm currently taking bookings now. Get in touch NOW to see what we can organise!!



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