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Fri 20.10

Wakaba Primary school. Met the Principal - it was his first day on the job and he was a tad nervous. It was my first live Genki English show but I felt really relaxed - and I had a ball! During the demonstration of the Left and Right song Robot Will-chan was born, the kids reveling in the chance to use English to order me to walk into walls etc. Discovered the limits of my vocal range (not much) during "What's your name?".

Our host ALT Tara Robertson lead as we raced to the next school, something leaf yama primary. Another cool show, after which the kids sang "It's a small world after all". I couldn't stop smiling.

Left the school and 20 meters down the road I pressed down on the clutch, it moved to the floor, and stayed there. No clutch. Pushed the Genkimobile back into the carpark and called around (me - the Mizunumas's - are you a member of the Japan Auto Federation? No) Tara - various schools. Tara located one of her teachers who fortuitously was an ex-rally car driver. He turned up and promptly dived under the GM. Within 30 minutes he had effected a make shift repair and drove away to work on the poor vehicle further.

Went by Ikukomobile to drown our sorrows in Lotteria burgers, and thus fortified made our way to NHK. We chatted and joked as we were lead into the tiny studio and then bantered our way through the interview. The programme hosts may have just been kind, but they did say we were the liveliest guests they had ever had.

Rushed off to our last gig - a show at a juku. Exhausted, but we soldiered on. Screaming kids. Smallish room. No one ran into the walls and we even had time to go through some games. Then off to get the Genkimobile.

She sat in the rainy carpark of a junior high school carpark, temporarily repaired but need the attention of a mechanic. We decided to search one out in Aomori.


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