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Thursday Nov 23rd 2000

As we drove onto the Shimanamikaido Bridge the sun began to emerge. I pulled over, whipped out the video camera, and caught a glorious sunrise.

We needed an onsen. Richard didn't fancy going to the onsen in his old town because of the chance of running into some of his old kids, so we decided on Plan B - ring the local ALTs (The Bridge takes through several islands with resident ALTs) Doug Blanc was out, but Matthew Walls was in (and surprising for an ALT at 7.30 on the morning of a public holiday, awake!). Matthew kindly let us have a shower and in return I tried to fix his blocked sink - I would have succeeded had the wrench been large enough.

We caught up on Ehime gossip (not much) and then went to the house of Richard's adoptive parents, the Abes. I planned to catch some sleep there, but was thwarted by the appearance of a tasty lunch and analysis of the American election (Bush ahead by a few hundred votes, recounts).

I left Richard in Imabari and headed south to Uwa, to the Mizunuma residence, for a sleep, and a couple of days break - we have a show in Matsuyama on Saturday.


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