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Up early and back to Ben's town for a show at Ajimu Primary.

Afterwards we visited the Board of Education to meet Ben's boss, the superintendent of Education. It was clear from his face the guy was obviously not at all interested in meeting us and he brusquely brushed off Ben . Ben seemd embrassed by it, and I felt for him. Bade Ben farewell and set off south.

Richard slept as I drove us through the pleasant mountain greenness to Kumamoto.

We reached Matsubase town at nightfall and made phone contact with Jude, our ALT on the ground. Met the local JETs - all of them English! Jude, Jen, Guy, .......I may not have made the best impression when I told Jen her plaited hair made her look like Heidi.

We threw our gear into Guy's place and were whisked off to Akarenga, the local site of yummy spicy foodstuffs. Stuffed our faces. Within an hour we already liked Kumamoto. The Kumamoto JETs are cool. We have acquired a whole new bunch of friends.


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