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Get 20 years of Teaching Experience with my Genki English Printable Lesson Plan eBooks.

It takes a long time to get *great* at teaching.

So in my 20 years I've polished up, refined and collected all my very best "no prep" lesson plans all ready to go in the Genki English lesson plan VIP eBooks.

To be used along with the online lesson plans, these one page printable plans are a perfect quick "in class" summary of the lyrics, how to teach the song and the very best recommended game. Each theme is also rated according to how easy it is to teach.

If you need a more detailed explanation (and videos) have a look at the Planning a Fun 45 Minute Lesson page.

There are versions in English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Spanish, Italian and German so you can print out the different versions to help with your team teaching preparation.


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Spanish - en espanol

Mandarin Chinese

(follows the order of the
easy English book)


(+ English version for Thai tablets)


(up to "I like animals")

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