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Naughty or Nice -
Christmas Santa Game!

author:  Amy
level:  Elementary
target_english:  I want a ____ for Christmas
big_small:  Big groups

This is a great way to end a Christmas lesson.

First, ask someone to come dress up as Santa. 
This requires a Santa costume (which aren't expensive) and a willing teacher.  If you're a guy you can do it yourself, but since I'm a girl I either asked the class teacher, the social studies teacher (who usually had the period free), or a willing student (but depending on the class, be careful how you choose the student or they'll all start to fight over the costume).  Then I asked the "Santa" to either show up to the last 10 minutes of class or leave class "to go to the bathroom" and change.

Anyway, I had my students fill out Christmas cards to Santa that said, "I want a ____ for Christmas," and the students would write in (or draw a picture depending on the grade) what they wanted.  DS and PSPs were the most popular!

Then I would practice the phrase, "I want a _____ for Christmas" a couple of times and let the students fill in what they wanted.

Then Santa would come!  First he would introduce himself, something good like, "Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!  I'm Santa Claus!"

Then I would do a modified lines game, where the class splits up into two lines and each takes a turn telling Santa what they want for Christmas.  Santa listens, says, "Merry Christmas!" and then offers them a cup where they pick a piece of paper from (which is folded up so they can't see).

These pieces of paper say either, "Naughty" or "Nice." If the child gets "Nice" they get to sit down and color their Christmas card.  If "Naughty" they have to return to the back of the line and ask again.  Whichever line has everyone sitting down first is the winner!

I recommend about two thirds of the pieces of paper saying, "Nice" and one third "Naughty," otherwise the game can start to drag.

The game tends to go really well; you get a ton of laughs when Santa first arrives, and the students think it's very funny when they find out they are "Naughty."

Once you determine the winner, make sure everybody says, "Thank you Santa!  Good bye!"


If you have a great idea please share it with everyone by submitting it to this page!
Or check out the main Genki English Games Page

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