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Picture Book:
"Where are the Christmas presents?"

Target Grade: Kindergarten - Lower Elementary
Target English: Christmas, Under, on, in, Where?

Here's another picture book for you. Before you teach this theme, make sure your kids can do CD5's "Under, on, in" song, plus that they know the objects from CD4's "Where, where, where?" song. They can probably understand the final page with no problems, but you might want to have a run through CD4's "Genki Christmas" song as a review first. Needless to say, page 10 is the one that gets everybody laughing!

You can read the picture book above by clicking the lower right corner, great to tell your students for homework, or if you are a member of the CD owners club, there's a special printable version just for you:

"Where are the Christmas presents?" Picture Book - Download ( .pdf format)

As usual if you have any comments, good or bad, please let me know and you might just motivate me to write some more picture books!

Also have a look at the Christmas Ideas page.

Be genki,


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