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Genki Christmas Lesson!

Target English: Christmas words!
Target grade: Kindergarten to Junior High school 1
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Genki Christmas
by Richard Graham

It's Christmas,
A merry Christmas.
Christmas, a Genki Christmas!

There's a snowman,
And Santa Claus,
A reindeer
And a Christmas tree.

(Repeat x2 )

(Repeat Chorus)

Christmas stocking,
Candy cane,
Lots of presents
And a Christmas card.

( Repeat x2)

(Repeat Chorus)
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Bonus Materials...

A4 Flashcards
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Mini Cards
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Merry Christmas

Lyrics Sheet
Merry Christmas Lyrics


Evaluation Sheet /
Classroom Poster

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Christmas Wordsearch

Christmas Crossword

Dice Game
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Spaghetti Game
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Islands Game
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Snakes & Ladders
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+ counters/stickers

Imagination Sheets
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In the classroom or at home ........

Here I have a brand new remixed version of the "Genki Christmas" song as the 8th track on vol. 4. This song teaches a few basic Christmas words, then you can follow it up with the "What would you like for Christmas?" theme from vol. 6.

If you celebrate Christmas, this is a great way for the kids to remember some Christmas vocab. As usual, adding gestures to the picture card and melody for each word makes it whole lot easier to remember!!

Plus to keep the parents happy, we have some new bonus worksheets:

Recommended Games:

After singing this song, try the "Reindeer Race Game" or What colour is Christmas?
Or play some games with the Mini Cards!
Merry Christmas

There are more games on the Christmas Ideas page.


Many children in the West have advent calendars, where they open a door each day to reveal a picture (or chocolate) and count down the days till Christmas! It also makes a good lesson plan! So on this Genki English worksheet the kids can make their own Advent Calendar. The worksheet is the front cover, where the kids can colour in the pictures. On separate pieces of paper, the kids also draw 24 smaller pictures. While the kids are doing this you need to cut around the dotted lines of each "door" on the worksheet (it's better to do this after the kids have finished colouring it!). Now put another sheet of blank A4 paper under the worksheet and fasten round the edges with tape. When the kids have finished all their smaller pictures you open the doors on the worksheet and stick one picture into the gap beneath each door. Close all the doors and enjoy opening one door everyday till Christmas!

This song can be found on vol.4 and the Teacher's Set

Have a Very Genki Christmas!!

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