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Snakes & Ladders Worksheets

Snakes & Ladders is a popular game, and here we use it to review the English the kids have learnt in the songs.

The rules are very simple:

1. Place one coin for each person on the Start square.
2. One person rolls a dice.
3. They move along that number of squares.
4. If they can say the item that is on the square they land on, they can stay there, else they have to move back to where they were previously.
5. If you reach the bottom of a ladder, climb it. If you can say the item at the top of the ladder, you can stay there.
6. If you reach a snake's head, you slide all the way down to the snake's tail!
7. First one to reach the 100 square is the winner

Most of the Theme pages have Snakes & Ladders games on them or Owners Club Members can download the large pdf file of all the games here

As usual this is an "optional extra" worksheet so don't make it the main focus of the lesson!

NEW: We also have some colour ones!

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