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Spaghetti Worksheets Book

These worksheets are more for testing what the kids know.
You can use them as a confidence boost, so the kids can clearly see what they have done, or even as a more formal assessment.

You'll need your Owners Club password to print them out in pdf format (6 MB)

To use them is very simple,

1. You read out 8 sentences e.g. "Ms. Hamster would like a tea, please".
2. The kids draw a line from the correct animal to the correct answer.
3. At the end run through the correct answers as a class.

The sentences are all based on the Songs/ Main Curriculum so are easy to do once you've run through the normal lesson. They're also a really easy introduction into teaching the 3rd persons forms e.g. He/She

Just one extra hint, if you teach the kids to "loop" over when lines cross it makes it easy to check later.
e.g. instead of

Also have a look at Islands Worksheets Book.


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