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Hey Baby Dinosaur!
What did you do?

Target Language: Irregular Past (ate, drank, did, etc.)
Target Grade: All ages
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Baby Dinosaur,
What did you do?

by Richard Graham

Hey, Baby Dinosaur!
What did you do?
Hey, Baby Dinosaur!
What did you do?

I ate my breakfast.
I went to school.
I did my homework.
I drank my tea.

Hey, Baby Dinosaur!
What did you do?
Hey, Baby Dinosaur!
What did you do?

I said "Thank you."
I rode my bike.
I put on my pyjamas.
I slept all night!..... zzzzz

Hey, Baby Dinosaur!
What did you do?
Hey, Baby Dinosaur!
What did you do?

With Genki English you teach grammar, without teaching grammar.

Of course it's easy for things like pronouns but it's also easy for things like tenses, such as here with the "irregular past" tense i.e. words like ate, drank, slept etc.

And because it's also fun, you can introduce them a lot earlier than you usually might. Which is great for the kids' level and passing exams later!

How to teach ....

Simply mime each action as you do it.
If you're not sure, ask the kids!
It's not only great for creativity, but it actually helps them remember the words as they themselves chose the gestures.

Recommended Game: Hungry Dinosaurs

Minimum 4 students up to over 100 is OK for this great game!

1. Print out enough minicards for one card per student.
2. Cut out one piece of double sided tape for each student.
3. Give each student a mini card and a piece of double sided tape.
4. They tape the minicard onto their shirt.

The Game

5. Whilst mingling around, everyone sings the chorus of the song "Hey Baby Dinosaur, what did you do?"

6. When they've finished the chorus you say "sorry?"

7. They ask you the question again in a big voice! You say "sorry?" again and get them to say it even louder!
(This gets even the shiest kids joining in!)

8. Then you say one answer from the song.

9. The students who have this answer on their shirts rush and tag as many of the other students as they can!

9. Whilst they are doing this all the other students try to rush & sit back down in their seats. Once they are sat down, they are safe, but if they are tagged, they are eaten!

10. Repeat from step 5.

Picture Book

Once you've gone through the song, you can then read them the picture book on vol. 13
There are two versions, one with US English (e.g. Mommy & "take a bath" and one with British English (e.g. Mummy & "have a bath") of course you choose which one to use.

The kids get a huge kick out of understanding a whole book in English.

And of course it has a twist at the end! :)


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