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World Cup Janken

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Target Level: Elem 2 to Adult
Target English: Country names, Rock, Paper, Scissors "I'm from...",
Preparation: Flag cards with Rock, Paper or Scissors on the back.
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This is a great game I heard of from the ACET teachers group in Fukuoka. You can of course change it for any sport or indeed any other English!

1. Print out ( and laminate if you can ) several flags from competing nations.
2. On the back of each flag have either a "rock", "paper", or "scissors".

3. Lay out the cards flag side up on the table.
4. One kid chooses a card and says "I'm from..." + the country on that card.
5. He / she picks up the card but doesn't look at the back.
6. Another kid chooses another card and says "I'm from..."
7. Both kids shout out the Janken rhyme i.e. "Rock, Paper, Scissors. 1 2 3!".
8. But instead of making a gesture they turn over their cards and see what gesture is on the back.
9. Rock blunts scissors, scissors cut paper and paper covers stone.
10. You can either give the winning country's team 3 points or 1 point for a draw. Or the winning kid can keep that card.

Total up the points at the end to see who is the World Cup Winner!

Make sure you have done the "Where are you from?" and "Rock, Paper, Scissors" songs before you try this theme, otherwise the kids will get lost, start cheating and forget all about any English! If they know the songs though, they'll be familiar with the English and be happy to use it.

You can choose any target English you like, "I'm from...", or even "I think ... will win" or "I want .... to win".
Of course if the kids don't say the English and just do the janken, it's an instant red card and they are out!
If they speak a language other than English it's a yellow card.
And of course if they don't know all the countries, get them to look them up in their geography ( or social studies ) textbooks.

Also have a look at the the full class World Cup scoring game and the World Cup Soccer Song for a great warm up!

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