Buy Me "is" Game

by Ely

Target Grade: Elementary
Target English: Any vocab

Here' a cool little review game from Eby...


1. Draw some circles on the board, one for each item you want to review.
2. Put a flashcard in each circle,
3. Under each circle, write an amount like $5 etc.
4. On top of each circle write numbers 1 to 8 (or however many cards you have)
5. Form 2 to 3 teams.
6. Teacher calls out a number
7. The first team to yell out the item and the dollar price in gets the amount of $.

Kids love playing money. My kids enjoyed it so much. try it u will see that even quiet kids will take part and yell

Thanks Eby!

This would be really easy to do with What would you like for Christmas? and is a great practice of the word "is" e.g. The robot is 10 dollars. You can also review How much?

You could of course do it with any song you like, you simply say the dollar price and the kids have to shout out the sentence from the card e.g. using it with the Where are the Christmas presents? song and the kids have to shout out "behind the snowman!" etc.

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