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CD Volume 2 Remix!

Now all the Genki English CDs are all fully up to date with the best songs, software & games!

Click on the title to see the lesson plans, picture cards and get a sample of some of the songs!

1. How old are you?
2. Fruit Market
3. What time is it?
4. Colours
5. Where are you going?
6. What are you doing?
7. The Monkey Family
8. Rocket Launch!

CD2 is available on its own, as part of the Teacher's Set, as part of the Superpack and in Student Packs

Or try the Instant Download Pack!

CD2 Audio Track Listing:

01 How old are you? Mini Lesson
02 How old are you? Song
03 How old are you? Karaoke  

04 Fruit Market Mini Lesson
05 Fruit Market Song
06 Fruit Market Karaoke  

07 What time is it, Mr Wolf? Mini Lesson 
08 What time is it, Mr Wolf? Song
09 What time is it, Mr Wolf? Karaoke

10 Colours / Colors Mini Lesson
11 Colours / Colors Song
12 Colours / Colors Karaoke

( Places )
13 Where are you going? Mini Lesson
14 Where are you going? Song
15 Where are you going? Karaoke   

( Verbs )
16 What are you doing? Mini Lesson
17 What are you doing? Song
18 What are you doing? Karaoke

( Family Part 1)
19 Baby Monkey Family Mini Lesson
20 Baby Monkey Family Song
21 Baby Monkey Family Karaoke  

( Family Part 2)
22 The Monkey Family Mini Lesson
23 The Monkey Family Song
24 The Monkey Family Karaoke  

( Big Numbers)
25 Rocket Launch Mini Lesson
26 Rocket Launch 10 - 100 Song

Funky Bonus Tracks:
27 Colours Super Fast Mix

28 What are you doing? Fun Mix
29 What are you doing? Fast Fun Mix
30 What are you doing? Hip Hop Mix

31 Rocket Launch 10 - 0 Short Mix
32 Rocket Launch 10 - 0 Warm Up Mix
The big new features in the new CD2 remix are new and improved graphics for Where are you going? , What are you doing?, and The Monkey Family, plus all the mini lessons are now featured on the audio section of the CD ( great if you are bad at singing!).

Quite a few teachers felt the Monkey Family song was a bit much to teach in one lesson, so a new "Easy to Teach" edit has been included. This simply has the family members from the baby's point of view i.e. the words your kids will need first.

There's also a "fun" mix of the What are you doing? song, just in case your kids aren't into the guitar or hip hop versions.

But it's not only in a CD player, simply pop the same CD into a PC or Mac and for each theme you'll have ...

Talking Words Page. Simply click the words or press the numbers 1 to 8 and hear each word pronounced. Each word is recorded with different people and different intonations to give the kids lots of English exposure.

Learn the song with the illustrated "Mini Lesson", the teacher becomes the "director", the kids become the center stage stars! Perfect if you're no good at singing yourself.

Then the song complete with lyrics and illustrations! A fantastic way to liven up the lesson and get the words stuck in your head. And a great way for kids to practice even when you're not there.

All the themes also have a funky game. These are great to use in the computer room, simply get a student pack of CDs and get the kids to race against each other! You could even use the games to "pre-teach" the new language to save more time for real practise with each other.

And to finish off you have the Karaoke Version of each song!

The music tracks will work fine on any CD player, and Windows XP or Mac OSX is recommended for the software section. It should work fine on older machines, maybe just a little slower.
If your machine can handle the phonics quizzes on this site, then you should be OK!

CD2 is available on its own, as part of the CD Set, as part of the Superpack and in Student Packs