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 Imagination Worksheets

Some examples of the worksheets from Flossy in Austria

Imagination and creativity are two of the most important skills when learning to chop up and re-build English phrases you know into new and useful sentences. For example if you are doing "Do you like...?" or "What's your favourite...?" and all the kids can come up with is "I like apples" then it's not going to help them too much.

Unfortunately most school education if focussed on removing these skills from kids, eventhough they are also badly needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

So if you have the time, here are some "Imagination Worksheets" that really help kids explore, think and come up with new and original ideas.

They are very simple to use,

1.) Hand out a sheet to each child.
2) Translate the instructions if needed.
3) With no further help from you let them get on with their design.

The important point is not to suggest anything beyond the one line instruction. Don't start saying "now draw the nose" or things like that. The aim is to get them free and thinking on their own. You should also do the exercise separately yourself, you'll be amazed at what the kids come up with and how different it is from your own!

Some of the sheets are roughly related to Genki English themes, but English learning isn't point of these worksheets. Hence if you only have one lesson a week or less then I'd strongly recommend either skipping them or keeping them for homework until you have worked through all the the themes in the Genki English curriculum.

Although they are "childlike" in appearance, they are wonderful to use in adult classes too. So get our your crayons and start one yourself! Use your Owners Club password and username to download them all.

NEW: Just updated with more Halloween sheets!

NEW: More Imagination Worksheets for volumes 11, 12, 13 and 14!

As usual let me know what you think of these sheets and if you like them I might be able to make some more!

Contact me if you have any questions or comments

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