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Vol. 13 - It's here!

The very latest Genki English just for you!

1. I'm sorry!
2 Stationery / May I borrow your ...
3. Whose is it? It's mine/yours/his/hers etc.
4. North & South
5. Where is it? Phonics "i" Song
6. Summer Sports / Simple Past
7. Baby Dinosaur, what did you do? Irregular Past
8. U U Umbrella Phonics "u" Song
9. Winter Sports
10. "I can do it!" and "Try again!"

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I'm sorry! - Excuse me & It's OK!
Stationery / May I borrow your ... Set 1&2
Whose is it? It's mine/yours/his/hers
North & South - "s" & "th" pronunciation!

 Summer Sports / Simple Past
   Winter Sports
 Where is it? Phonics "i" Lesson
   U U Umbrella Phonics "u" Lesson
  Baby Dinosaur, what did you do? Irregular Past
   "I can do it!" and "Try again!"

Full MP3 Audio Track Listing

1. I'm sorry Mini Lesson
2. I'm sorry Song
3. I'm sorry Karaoke

4. May I borrow your ... Mini Lesson
5. May I borrow your ... Song
6. May I borrow your ... Karaoke

7. Whose is it? Mini Lesson
8. Whose is it? Song
9. Whose is it? Karaoke

10. May I borrow your ... 2 Mini Lesson
11. May I borrow your ... 2 Song

12. North & South Mini Lesson
13. North & South Song
14. North & South Karaoke

15. Where is it? Phonics "i" Mini Lesson
16. Where is it? Phonics "i" Song
17. Where is it? Phonics "i" Karaoke

18. Summer Sports Mini Lesson
19. Summer Sports Song
20. Summer Sports Karaoke

21. Baby Dinosaur, what did you do? Mini Lesson
22. Baby Dinosaur, what did you do? Song
23. Baby Dinosaur, what did you do? Karaoke

24. U U U Umbrella Mini Lesson
25. U U U Umbrella Song
26. U U U Umbrella Karaoke

27. Winter Sports Mini Lesson
28. Winter Sports Song

29. Yes I can! Mini Lesson
30. Yes I can! Song
31. Yes I can! Karaoke

32. What did you do in the summer? Went mix
33. What did you do in the summer? Played mix

But it's not only audio tracks, you also have the funky PC / Mac software for each theme!

The software is divided into different sections.

Talking Words
Simply click the words or press the numbers 1 to 8 and hear each word pronounced.
Each word is recorded with different people and different intonations to give the kids lots of English exposure.


Talking Picture Cards:
Here you have all 8 of the vocab words on screen at once.
You can still move over them to hear them pronounced, and it is a life saver for classroom games.
Plus if you use a projector in class, you won't have to carry around all the heavy picture cards!

Learn the song with the illustrated "Mini Lesson", the teacher becomes the "director",
the kids become the center stage stars!
Perfect if you're no good at singing yourself.

Then the songs complete with lyrics and illustrations!
A fantastic way to liven up the lesson and get the words stuck in your head.
And a great way for kids to practice even when you're not there.

All the themes also have funky computer games get the kids to race against each other!
You could even use the games to "pre-teach" the new language to save more time for real practise with each other.

And to finish off you have the Karaoke Versions of each song

So there you go, that's just a little bit of the fun you're going to have with vol. 13

The ideas and songs you have here will inspire your students to try their very best to get fantastically good at English and be able to communicate with people around the whole world. 

Being a teacher is a special job, you are very special people.  Your students are very, very lucky to have you as their teacher.  You are their role model to guide them through the adventure called life, to give them the English and skills, imagination and confidence to let them make any of their greatest dreams come true.

It's an exciting time.  The future is in your hands, we're all here to support you. Try 100% for your students. Think "I can" and you can, if you lose, just try again. Enjoy yourself  and above all .....

Be genki,


Here are some of the comments we received from teachers just like yourself:

Hello, Richard. I enjoyed every song.The games are stimulating and the graphics is great. Everything is perfect as always. And this Baby Dinosaur...he's just jaw-dropping:) - Marina
I have been using Genki English for 4 years now and my kids love it. I know it's a lot of very hard work but they have really changed my life and made my teaching much more fun ! Thanks for your precious help ! - Eveleyn

Genki English made my teaching so easy, kids love it and I just adore it.You gave so many things which help us to be creative and real teachers..Thank you so much!!! - Jasmina

I tried the new software and I have to say everything is perfect. I haven't found a single flaw with the software. I like that the themes have different kinds of games and I especially liked the rap versions of the 'i' song and the alternative versions of the songs- brilliant idea btw because they get to practice the song with different words, thus enhancing their vocabulary. I think this new volume is a great addition to your volumes collection and I strongly believe it will be a hit with my students! Love the graphics, the songs, the ideas....pretty much everything! Thank you for introducing "fun" to our job!! - Evaggelia

I've just tried vol.13 and all I can say is that you did it perfect as always :-) I like the graphics, the songs and funny games. I love dividing the sport topic into summer and winter . I think my students will love it ! I can agree that this volume is a great addition to your volume collection ! Thank you for GenkiEnglish !!! - Gosia

Hi Richard! No words to express how amazed I am with genki method. Kids love it and so do I. Thanks a lot - You're the master of masters. - Ayari

Great going Richard! Couldn't get along without Genki English! - Patti

"May I borrow?" is becoming one of my favorite songs. So useful and so catchy. I like the past tense song a lot as well. That's something we all need to teach. Got a perfect tense song coming up? I love the Yes, I can! song as well. - Adam

I have been so thankful to you and your software here in China. The kids love it. I use it in all my classes, (even some adult classes). Once again, thank you very much!! - Rony

I went to the workshop in Tokyo last month. I had the opportunity to see part of your new material. Your presentation of some of your new lessons was awesome. I'm looking forward to use the new software. The best part is that you're introducing past tense in easy way for children to learn. A thousand thanks, Richard for your splendid work. - Cesar

I can't wait to use the "played" summer sports song with my classes on school starting after summer (We did the summer sports song before the vacation). I also appreciate the personal pronoun songs in whose is it and may I borrow your .. Essential vocabulary, but of course presented in your unique and Genki fashion, making it all the more a FUNdamental of the English Classroom. Thank you heaps. Andrew

Wooooow Genki English has the best music in ESL world - Liam

Just did an amazing summer camp using Genki English! - Zelda

Hey Richard, I went through the entire vol. 13, pushed every button, played every game ... twice! No problems anywhere!
Thanks for adding the American English version of the Baby Dinosaur book. The classroom games are great.
My favorite song in this vol. is the 'Is it in... Hip Hop Version'. I've got a couple of cheeky little guys who are going to have a blast with that one! Thanks! - Bob

Amazing work. So far everything looks good. At first I was a little disappointed you didn't include the Summer Sports, but then I realized that the "I like Sports" button is TWO LINKS!!! CLEVER!!! Same with the "Stationary - May I borrow..." I'm assuming that on the "What did you do in the summer?" I played mix, that you deliberately threw in crazy objects for the badminton scene. It has the shuttlecock, but sometimes a carrot, watermelon, lemon, etc. flies in. This must be on purpose to just get the kids going crazy. Nice! - Martin

Just LOVE the what did you do? song. - Evelyne

I've been using GE for 3 months and it has totally changed my lessons! I can't thank you enough!!! - Liora

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