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The Baby Rabbit Family

Target English: Names of family members
Target grade: Kindergarten to Junior High school 1
Song: The "Baby Rabbit Family" lesson is exlcusively in the Download Pack
And in the new curriculum Level.

The Rabbit Kids proved a huge hit on the "Do you have any brothers and sisters?" lesson and now they're back - with the whole family family!

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The Baby Rabbit Family

by Richard Graham

My name is Baby Rabbit
My name is Baby Rabbit
This is my family
This is my family

This is my dad.
This is my mum.
This is my brother.
This is my sister.

This is my dad.
This is my mum.
This is my brother.
This is my sister.

In the classroom or at home ........

1. Use the Download Pack software to learn the new family members.

2. Ask the kids to make a mime for each family member.

3. Then sing the song whilst doing the gestures!

Recommended Game: Who's this? Sticky Fingers!

1. Three or four kids come to the front and each take hold of one of the teacher's fingers.

2. Choose one "magic family member" e.g. grandma.
3. Everyone shouts out "Who's this?"
4. The teacher says "This is " plus one of the family members.

5. If the teacher says the magic family member, the kids who are holding the teacher's fingers let go and run to the nearest wall.

6. If the teacher tags them before they make it to the wall, they are out!

7. If the teacher says a word other than the magic word and the kids let go of the teacher's fingers, they are out!

This may sound like a strange question to teach, but if you ever show your photographs to a bunch of kids you'll see how often it comes up!

Picture Book

The Download Pack also has the narrated Baby Rabbit Family Picture Book which introduces "This is / These are ..." plus Baby Rabbit's special pet!

And VIP members can download the pdf picture book here:
The Baby Rabbit Family Picture Book

The "Rabbit Family" lesson can be found on in the Download Pack
(It isn't on any CD!)

Readers' Comments

I have been teaching the winter clothes song again this week and have introduced the family to some of my new students this year. I have been playing a game which has proved very popular.

Firstly I have taught the target language and read the story book. I then get a chair and say I need a Baby Rabbit. One child volunteers and sits on the chair. Of course we all make a fuss of Baby Rabbit. I then say I need all of the other characters. The children were so keen to volunteer. I then asked them to tell me their Rabbit family name. Some needed a little prompting for the first groups. When they say their name I said e.g."Look its Baby Rabbit, let's say hello to Baby Rabbit!!" Then the whole class waves at the family member and says e.g. "Hello Baby Rabbit. " etc. etc. We went through the entire family, then all waved goodbye and the family sat down. Depending on the class size I have then swapped the family or just moved the children around. Some of the Grandma Rabbit actors were so funny!! It was also very popular for the boys to be Grandma!!

I also tried this with an older class who know the Rabbit family. I thought maybe it would be far too easy and they would find it 'boring!' How wrong I was. There was nearly a stampede to join in !!! I also got them to pretend to be Aunt, Uncle and cousin as they already know these.

- Flossy

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