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Baby MonkeyBaby Monkey's Winter Clothes

Target Language: Clothes
Target Grade: All ages
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Clothes can be a tough theme to teach for a number of reasons, one being the difference between all the different Englishes. For example "pants" and "vest" have very different meanings in the UK and US!
But luckily at this time of year things are a lot simpler with Winter Clothes.

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Winter Clothes
by Richard Graham

Baby Monkey, put on your hat.
Baby Monkey, put on your scarf.
Baby Monkey, put on your coat.
Baby Monkey, put on your boots.

Put on, put on, put on, put on, put on your boots!

Baby Monkey, take off your hat.
Baby Monkey, take off your scarf.
Baby Monkey, take off your coat.
Baby Monkey, take off your boots.

Take off, take off, take off, take off, take off your boots!

How to teach ....

"Put on your ..." and "Take off your.." are phrases that crop up a lot with winter clothes in school, especially around playtime.

So in the warm up, simply mime putting on and taking off some winter clothes. Then you can try a few games....

Clothes Race Game

Like the Christmas Clothes race have a pile of clothes at the far end of the classroom. Then...

1. You shout out "Put on the ..." + one item of clothing.

2. The first kid in each group has to run and put on the item.
3. The fastest person gets a point for their team.

Or play the Freezing Monkey Game:

1. Draw freezing Baby Monkeys on the board. One for each team.
2. Mime putting on a piece of clothing.
3. The quickest team to guess what it is rolls the dice.
4. On their team's Baby Monkey they draw on the item of clothing that corresponds to the number on the dice.
e.g. 1=hat 2=scarf 3=coat 4=boots 5=sweater 6=take one item off!
5. The first team to a fully clothed baby monkey is the winner!

Or try the "Baby Monkey's Clothes" Picture Book

or the Winter Clothes Online Game.

This song is in the Download Pack.

In video

Needless to say the kids get much more into it than the teachers!

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Readers' Comments

Just when we think we've got it all you bring out an absolutely corker like this song. I found it absolutely brilliant, spot on and so different from the other stuff itfs just amazing. - Rosebud

Waaa!!!! This one's genius!! I'm actually speechless - Julian K

I used the song with a class of 6-7 year olds yesterday. We have learnt all about the monkey family in the last couple of weeks, so this song was perfect. I read the story to the children and they really enjoyed it. I had then taken in a hat and scarf collection. Luckily there were enough for each child. There are only 12 children in the class! I then said "Put on you hat" and they all put on the hats. I then said "Put on you scarf etc" Then I said "Take off your... etc" The children then got into pairs and repeated the phrases which worked really well. We then returned to the circle, hat and scarf less. Each child turned to the next and repeated the phrase going around the circle, so I could listen to their pronunciation.

We then 'talked' through the song and did the actions. I let them keep the hats and scarfs too. They did want to go the cloakroom to collect their coats and boots, but I said we would just pretend. Next week though I have arranged that we can go to the cloakroom and then go outside in all of the clothes. I think it would have been a good idea to have done that first!!

We sang the song. The children loved Richards 'Opera' voice. They all joined in and sang very loudly. The put on and take off repeat worked really well. We did pretend to go outside in between the 1st and 2nd verse. The children asked to sing the song again, which is always a good sign. The second time we added a marching movement. I suppose when you are 6 it is great to hear your feet pounding the classroom floor!

I have also made a baby monkey clothes game to go with the song. It is just Baby Monkey clothes minicards, all cut out and laminated, it took some time but I think they will enjoy playing next week. ( I did have to adjust the size of Baby monkey so the clothes will fit, well my daughter did!!!) I will then say the phrases and they have to place the clothes on the template or take them away. - Flossy

Had a double lesson today, so as well as doing the broken heart game I took in two scarves, hats, sweaters, hats, trousers and four gloves. We designated (or volunteered) children to be baby monkey and I put the pile of clothes down one end of the room away from the children. Baby monkeys 1 and 2 stood slightly to the side of the other children who formed a queue. I said "put on" your "hat", one child from each team ran, picked up the hat and put it on baby monkey. If I said "take off your scarf" and Baby Monkey wasn't wearing it, the kids ran, picked up the scarf from the pile and put it in front of Baby Monkey.

I chopped and changed things around making them quite frantic but having to listen if it was "put on" or "take off". Once Baby Monkey were dressed, the kids had to give the command to Baby Monkey to take off the appropriate clothing, then get him dressed again and once more take them off.

Oh, I got the children to fetch their own boots and coats to put on and off as they were too bulky for me to carry in from my house.

Kids enjoyed it and got lovely and frantic.
- Rosebud

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