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May I borrow your .... Stationery Song 1 & 2

Target Language: May I borrow your + Stationery
Target Grade: All ages
These lessons are in the Teacher's Set
And in the new curriculum Level.

"May I borrow your...?"
by Richard Graham

May I borrow your pencil?
May I borrow your pen?
May I borrow your ruler?
May I borrow your pencil case?

Of course
Of course
Of course
Of course!

May I borrow your crayons?
May I borrow your books?
May I borrow your scissors?
May I borrow your friends?

Of course
Of course
Of course
Of course!

"May I borrow your...?" 2
by Richard Graham

May I borrow your stapler?
May I borrow your glue?
May I borrow your eraser?
May I borrow your calculator?

Of course
Of course
Of course
Of course!

May I borrow your brush?
May I borrow your tape?
May I borrow your pencil sharpener?
May I borrow your paint?

Of course
Of course
Of course
Of course!
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On the software there are two different versions of this song, one very easy, one a little more challenging.

Using the phrase "May I borrow your ...." introduces both manners and makes the plural items like scissors super easy.

How to teach...

Simply hold up each item as you sing about it or get the kids to gesture using it.

Recommend Games: What's not there?

Use the "Class game" section of the software to play this very simple, but very fun game.

1. Teacher places all the picture cards on the board.
2. Everyone looks away.
3. The teacher removes one item and mixes up the other cards.
4. The kids look back and the first person to shout out "May I borrow your ...?" plus the correct missing item gets to come to the front and repeat from step 1 in place of the teacher!
4. Once the kids have got the hang of it, place them in small groups and play with their own items or the mini cards.

Recommended Game: I forgot my...!

Another alternative is to use the "Odd one out" minicards.

1. Each child picks a card.
2. They figure out what is missing and say "I forgot my" plus the missing item.
3. Then they say "May I borrow your" plus the missing item again.

4. They get a point if they can say both sentences correctly!

Ninja Tip: Teach the Summer Clothes song first so the kids know the phrase "I forgot my ...."

Ninja Tip 2: This is a great game to play at the beginning of the school year!

Recommended Games: The "One Left" Card Game

If you've done the personal pronouns song you can also try the stationery Crazy Eights game.

(Game rules are part way down this page)

Recommended Game: May I borrow your hmmmm?

Margit just sent in this great game!


1. Each kid has to get a set of four of one card e.g. 4 pens, 4 books etc.
2.So after the teacher hands the cards out, each kid decides which thing to collect
3. One of the other cards, which they don't need now, they pass to their *right* hand neighbor.
4. Whilst turning their head to the *left* hand neighbor they say "May I borrow your hmhmhm?", taking the card that neighbor put down for them.
5. When they have a set of four cards, they put them down saying the whole sentence: e.g. May I borrow your pencil? Etc

As you can see in the video the kids are having a great time! What do you think?

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