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Baby Monkey it's Summer!

Target Language: Summer Clothes
Target Grade: All ages
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Baby Monkey it's Summer
============ ===========
by Richard Graham

Baby Monkey it's summer.
Let's go to the beach.
Baby Monkey it's summer.
Don't forget your sunscreen!

Don't forget your hat.
Don't forget your t-shirt.
Don't forget your shoes
Don't forget your shorts!

(Repeat Chorus)

Don't forget your bucket
Don't forget your spade
Don't forget your fishing rod
Don't forget your shades

To follow on from the raving success of Baby Monkey's Winter Clothes, I guess there just had to be a Summer Clothes song as well!

"Don't forget your .... " Card Game

1. Pick a card.
2. Shout out "Don't forget your ..." plus whatever is missing from the card!
3. Fastest team gets a point!

Clothes Race Game

Have a pile of summer clothes at the far end of the classroom. Then...

1. You shout out "Don't forget your " + one item of clothing.

2. The first kid in each group has to run and put on the item.
3. The fastest person gets a point for their team.

Or play the Beach Monkey Game:

1. Draw Baby Monkeys on the board. One for each team.
2. Mime putting on a piece of clothing.
3. The quickest team to guess what it is rolls the dice.
4. On their team's Baby Monkey they draw on the item of clothing that corresponds to the number on the dice.
e.g. 1=hat 2=t-shirt 3=shoes 4=shorts 5=shades 6=take one item off!
5. The first team to a fully beach ready baby monkey is the winner!

Circle My Clothes

This game t makes a great bridge between the Summer Clothes and Winter Clothes themes, and also includes a touch of weather vocab!

1. Put flashcards of both Summer and Winter Clothes on the board.

2. One kid from each team comes to the front with their back to the board.

3. Everyone shouts out together "What’s the weather like?” (or "How’s the weather?”)

4. The teacher points an imaginary microphone at one of the sat down students.

5. This student answers with "It’s hot/cold/rainy/snowy” or whatever weather they like.

6. The two students at the front have to quickly turn around, draw a circle round an appropriate piece of clothing and say "Put on your ....” plus the clothing e.g. "Put on your coat” if it’s "cold” or "Put on your shorts” if it’s hot!

7. Two new kids come to the front.

8. Repeat from step 3 until all the clothes have been circled!

Picture Book

VIP Members can also download the pdf "Don't forget ..." picture book!

You can also be able to link this up with the Weather Picture Book.

Or you can do what Victoria's amazing students have done and make your own animation!

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