Phonics Name Game 1

Hear the sound, hit the letter!

Phonics Games:
Which game can you do the fastest?
Phonics Game b n Phonics Game mz Phonics Game blends abc song

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1. Talking Phonics Chart
2. Consonants Game b - n
3. Consonants Game m - z
4. Consonants Game blends
5. Consonants Game Vowels (US)
6. Consonants Game Vowels (UK)
7. Name Game Phonics Game
+ Fast and Slow ABC Phonics Songs!

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Or have a look at the Main Phonics Page - Phonics Worksheets Page or the Phonics Songs Page

For parents / teachers: We have chosen names as the idea here is not to know the words, but simply to listen to the first sound and pick the letter that represents that sound. Have a look at the instructions on how to play this type of game


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