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Treasure Adventure
Phonics "ure" song

Target English: phonics "ure" sound + pirate words
Target grade: Kindergarten to Junior High school 1

This song is in the Teacher's Set
And in the new curriculum Level.

I wrote this song to illustrate the phonics "ure" sound for the Genki Phonics Course
But it also works as a great stand alone class for learning lots of pirate words!

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Snakes & Ladders Game (What's this?)

Islands Game (What's this?)

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How to teach

1. Simply mime out gestures for each word as you sing it!

It's my pleasure
To show a picture
Of my treasure

There's a pirate
And a hat
There's a parrot
And a map

It's my pleasure
To show a picture
Of my treasure

There's a ship
And an island
There's a shark

... (watch the video above to see the rest!)

Then get the kids to present their own Treasure Adventure.
See the video below for how this really helps with kids who are shy!

Readers' Games

1. Use the "Where is Baby Monkey?" Posters (from the "Where are you from?" topic)
2. Cut them out and spread them on the table.
3. Now one kid says "It's my pleasure to show a picture of Baby Monkey's trip to New York(etc)" and the other kids have to slap the NY card.

We can use it with any topic actually:
"It's my pleasure to show a picture of my future dream: I want to be a doctor" and the kids hunt for the correct card.etc.etc.

- from Margit


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