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Whose is it? It's mine, yours, his etc.

Target Language: possessive pronouns, mine, yours, hers etc.
Target Grade: All ages
This song is in the Teacher's Set
And in the new curriculum Level.

"Whose is it?"
by Richard Graham

Whose is it?
Whose is it?

It's mine
It's yours
It's his
It's hers

Whose is it?
Whose is it?

It's ours
It's theirs
It's everybody's
I don't know!

Whose is it?
Whose is it?
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Simply point to each person as you sing about them!

How to teach?

1. Go round the class and collect something from each student (a pen or ruler etc.)

2. Put them in a bag (a magician's bag would be cool).

3. Pull out something and ask "Whose is it?"

4. Hold the object near and say "It's mine!"

5. Go round the class showing it off.

6. Hopefully the kids will say "No", so you just keep repeating "Yes, it's mine!".

7. Hopefully, if you've chosen something that belongs to a genki kid, they'll say "It's mine".

8. If they don't, just choose someone else's until you get the reaction you need.

(If it's a really genki kid you can do a "It's mine!", "No, it's mine!", "No, it's mine!" comedy style sketch.)

The key here is patience and lots of repetitions of the words. Once you hear the first "It's mine." you can practice together as a class.

Then you can introduce "not" and "It's not mine". From the next object most of the kids have to say "It's not mine", whilst the owner says "It's mine".

The next step is introduce and have them say "It's not mine. It's hers/his." whilst pointing to the owner.

This takes up quite a bit of time but the kids will have learnt it well and using the real objects keeps it fun (sometimes too fun, you might need a few calming down techniques in some classes!) For smaller classes you might need to collect more than one thing at the beginning.

Then you can do the song!

Or in case you do have time left at the end...

1. Put the kids in groups.

2. Give each group a bag

3. Let them do the same thing in the groups e.g. one person pulls out something and says "Whose is this?", the others say "It's not mine, it's ..'s". Very simple.

Have a try in class and let me know how it works for you.

Recommended Game 2: Mine, Yours, His, Hers Cops & Robbers Game

1. Tell the kids there is a thief about!

2. Accidentally find a bag with the missing thing inside.

3. Keep quiet till someone asks "Whose is it?" (they might say it in their native language, so then just say to them "in English?")

4. Sing the song whilst mingling around (usually with kids I'd say do the whole song to get more practice in, obviously here everyone is pretty cool with the English!)

5. Stop the music and everyone asks "Whose is it?"

6. Point to someone and say "It's hers/his/theirs/mine/yours or everybody's!"

7. That person has to run and grab the object.

8. Everyone else has to try and arrest them before they grab the item!

9. Repeat from step 4, this time the previous thief choses the new thief!
Here's a video of the game in action ...

Readers' Comments


I really like this song


Great stuff Richard!
Your songs are getting better and better.
I'm 49 this June, but I still love dancing around the classroom with the kids.. I'm sure they're going to love this one..
We use the "I don't know" phrase a lot in our classes.
Part of our lesson warm up is to ask the kids "What's the weather like?". Of course, over the winter months, night falls pretty quick... It's great getting the kids shouting in unison.. "We don't know. It's dark Jerry!"


Cool, cool, cool, Richard! Especially the iPad animated version!!! Thanks! :)


Sweet man! Thanks Richard!


Richard, your lesson is really lovely. I have learned a lot from you. I think my students will like this song.


thanks so much


Thanks, Richard. Very catchy and interesting for my Grade-IV, as they love to learn with music.
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