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What is "Genki English.com"?

What is this site?

This site is a collection of games, songs and ideas for use by teachers of languages to children and adults. 

GenkiEnglish.com gives you the techniques and confidence to teach any language and get your kids finishing a lesson with a big smile saying "Yeah, that was fun! I want to do more!".

There are now several million students around the world learning from Genki English, thanks to its popularity in 190 other countries including India, Japan, China, the EU, & Thailand where the Ministry of Education recently put the teacher's set in every primary school in the country.

GenkiCool! But what does "Genki" mean?

"Genki" is a fantastic Japanese word that means "fun", "lively", "energetic", "full of life". There isn't really a word for it in English, but if you try these ideas in your classroom, you'll know what it means!

Have I seen this website on TV?

Maybe. GenkiEnglish.com has been featured on TV and in newspapers around the World. "Taking Primary Schools by Storm" was what the Japanese Yomiuri Newspaper said. It has also been the subject of an NHK documentary which was broadcast in countries including India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, the UK, the USA and the UAE.

Genki English materials have been featured in many major Japanese TV series, including "Wataru Seken wa oni bakari" and the new Fuji TV Drama with "The Last Samurai" star Koyuki.

For 2 years GenkiEnglish.com had a column in a National Newspaper (The "Asahi Shougakusei" Newspaper) and I often have articles in leading publications including a monthly column in Japanese in ALC publishing's "Kodomo Eigo" magazine.

Who is Genki English?

GenkiEnglish.com was founded and is currently run by myself, Richard Graham. Joel Bacha is the author of our "Teachers & Kids" book and Abe Youko handles the processing and shipping of our CD orders.

So what's on the website?

The website is pretty huge, so please allow yourself quite a bit of time to look around. For the amount of time you'll save lesson planning, it's well worth while!

Here are some of the major sections from the website:

Elementary School Curriculum/Lesson Plans
100+ themed lesson ideas complete with printable picture cards, online teaching guide video, recommended game and original song. These plans are specifically designed for teaching in Elementary school where time is short and you need to keep large classes of kids happy, genki and motivated!

Classroom Games
Fully illustrated games to get the kids speaking in class. Some originals, some classics, the only criteria for them being here? That they work! If you happen to be teaching in Japan, most of the games have Japanese versions as well, simply print out both for easy team teaching.

Original songs
These songs get the kids remembering the English you're teaching. Save time reviewing in the next lesson; simply play the song. They all have gestures and actions to make them really fun. We give away as many as we can for free on the website, or you can order the full set of CDs. There are also picture cards and worksheets for each of the songs.

Talking Pages
Designed mainly for non-native speakers, these are a series of games, animations and features that talk! There is even a section on phonics. Again, we give away as many as we can on the website, and there are more on the CDROM section of the Genki English CDs.

GenkiEnglish.com have articles published in some of the leading publications, and you can find many more here. From what to teach in your first lesson, to planning a curriculum

Genki English Live!
It's not just the website! I do teacher training seminars all over the World.

Plus lots, lots more
Have a look at the main menu and wonder around. You'll find the latest ideas and hot news at the top of the page.

Wow, there is so much here for free! How is GenkiEnglish.com funded?

GenkiEnglish.com is an incorporated company funded by sales of our Teacher's Sets. The idea being that the website then gives buyers of the sets amazing extra value, and it also allows teachers in the developing world to get access to top quality teaching resources for very little cost.

Where did it all start?

I started this page in July of 1999, as a resource for all the successful ideas that I'd used in my classes. GenkiEnglish.com has now turned into my full time profession as an Education Consultant, involving teacher training presentations sponsored by some of the largest names in the industry including Oxford University Press and the Japanese Ministry of Education. In 2007 the Ministry of Education in Thailand introduced Genki English into every primary school in the country.

The materials have been tested by researchers from Harvard Graduate School of Education and the University of Newcastle in the UK.

The website is now used by over 10,000 teachers every day in over 190 countries.

What's the future for GenkiEnglish.com?

At the moment GenkiEnglish.com is helping thousands of teachers around the globe to teach all sorts of languages. However in the future this will expand into not only languages, but fun and exciting teaching techniques for maths, science and all subjects. The final aim is to have resources available for every subject in every country to be taught in a Genki way.

Where do I go from here?

If you'd like to learn a little more about "behind the scenes" GenkiEnglish.com, have a look at my blog. If you want to get teaching, try the curriculum page. Or have a look at the new stuff on the main menu. If you get stuck or have any problems, please get in touch. Once you've finished, please tell us what you thought of the site, and help make it better, by filling in our Online Survey

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So there you go! Enjoy, and above all.....

"Be Genki!"


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