I hope you had a great Summertime!

Just a quick heads up if you want to sell Genki English to your students this term.

You have to apply by August 28th to get in on this intake.

(I’m busy from the 29th so won’t get time to process them all after that date!)

For those of you who don’t know,  the homework programme has two big aims:

  1. Get the kids even better, even faster.   We can halve the time they need to learn English if they study at home, even if you only have 1 lesson per week with them.
  2. We get you more financially independent.  Running a classroom is hard,  but having an extra few $1000 a year income helps relieve the financial stress &  lets you focus on what’s important – the teaching!   (Plus having your own branded software puts you way ahead of all the local competition of course! :) )


How to apply:

  1. VIP members, send me an email (by August 28th) with your school name, where you are and, if you have one, your school logo.
  2. I’ll make up a specially designed software menu with your school logo on it.  (How many of your competition have that!)   And if everything is OK we’ll send you legal permission to duplicate the Genki English software for your students.
  3. You then sell this specially branded software to your students on USB sticks.  Half the money you keep, half you send to us.


The current prices are $270 / 27,000 yen / 190 Euros of which you keep half.    (Although we will be increasing this soon, so if you want to guarantee these prices for your students, make sure you apply for this intake.)

Then in class….

  1. Set *next* week’s lesson as this week’s homework.  
  2. At home the kids play the computer game, words &  song and mark it on their homework calendar.
  3. In the next class they already know the English,  you just do a quick review and go straight into using the English in the game!



Ninja Tip:  If part of the class have the software and half don’t, you’ll very soon see a big split in their abilities.  So do be prepared to make them into two classes the next year.  Or if you have the confidence, do what many teachers are now doing and make the software a compulsory part of one or more of your classes from the start – it makes life so much easier!

If you have your own school …..

So if you have your own school and want to take Genki English to the next level, then this is the way to do it.


There’s no compulsion of course, you can still keep going the old way with no homework if you wish,  but if you want really great students, and of course an extra line of income, then email me and we’ll hopefully get you on board!

Be genki,


P.S.  If you’ve got any questions feel free to email me before the cut off date!

P.P.S.   Apple won’t allow the software to run on iPads,  it’s Windows or Mac only at the moment.  (You can do it on some android tablets, but it needs a lot of tech support, so keep it to real computers for now.)    There’s no need for an internet connection and the software runs on really quite old machines too, so that always sets parents’ minds at rest.

P.P.P.S.   We have experimented with selling smaller sets of lessons, but this has proved to be far too much extra work for the teachers.   And the parents who do buy want to buy everything, so it’s easier to go for the full pack from the start.

P.P.P.P.S.   Many teachers are worried about parents buying one pack and copying it for their friends.    In every country we’ve tried it (including yours!), this doesn’t happen.  They are buying from you, their trusted local teacher,  not from me, someone they’ve never heard of,  so they are as likely to do this as they are to shoplift books from your lobby.   If you still are really worried, just make it a part of the pricing for everyone in that class.   (You can even offer two classes, one with homework,  one without.  The parents will always go for the one with the software homework!)

P.P.P.P.P.S.   Parents can also buy the download Teacher’s Pack direct from us. Although of course in that way it is more expensive for them & you won’t get the commission unless you sign up for the affiliate programme.  

P.P.P.P.P.P. S.   Whilst I always try and accept every VIP member to the programme, sometimes it just isn’t possible, so please be understanding!

P.P. – Oh this is too many Ps! :)  - If your students have previously bought student CDs, you can deduct the price they paid for their CDs from the amount you charge them for the USBs – there’s no need to charge them twice for the same material!  Parents also really like this. :)


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TED.com have just put up another great new article about what we can all learn from classrooms in the developing world.

It features Adam Braun – whose fantastic Pencils of Promise book is a definite book for your reading list – and also Sugata Mitra – who did the computer rooms in the schools we worked with in Hyderabad(!) – and also Professor James Tooley‘s Omega schools also make an appearance (I’d love to get out and see those schools one day!)

People always ask from where do I get my energy? and on the Genki English side of things it is always from working in schools and projects like this.  The kids over there are *amazing* and are always so, so positive with huge smiles the whole day long.

So have a read and let me know what you learned in the comments! :)

Be genki,


P.S.  Yes, we’re still waiting for my TEDx talk  to get uploaded.   They have assured me that it will be soon,  but … with all the articles like this that are very anti-teacher (which I can understand :) ) I wonder if my pro-teacher stance in my talk has anything to do with it??

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The new “curriculum order” software menu has been huge, everyone seems to love it and it was the big hit in the workshops – everyone wanted it!

(If you have ordered the Teacher’s Set since April, you have it too!)

So…. the next step is to try and make the website easier to use.

And to help with that I’ve redone the pull down menus at the top of the site to be in curriculum order too.  e.g. you can see on the main menu page.



Ninja Tip:  I’ve also added in a new FAQ section with links to the most popular email questions I get e.g. discipline, shy kids etc.

The aim is to make it easier for new teachers who were confused by the old “CD order”  (which was basically just the order I made the lessons in,  not the recommended way to teach them.)

But … it seems like I’ve upset a few Master Genki English teachers who aren’t too keen on the new look – thank you for letting me know! :)

So what do you think?   CD order? curriculum order? Something else?

As always the hard part is taking things out,  the space is very limited!

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments and hopefully we can make it super easy to use for everyone!

Be genki,



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Oksana wrote in to ask:

Hi Richard,

I would be really grateful for some tips regarding how to prevent professional burnout. Sometimes it’s so discouraging when you do your best, but your students don’t. I guess it concerns adults more.

tiredWhat a very good question – and yes, it isn’t one I get everyday!

1.  Take a holiday – it is August after all! :)

2. Very often burn out occurs when teachers want to go in one direction (often to getting the students to be really good) but “the system” or the parents pull you in the opposite direction e.g. having to focus on exams or students just wanting social interaction.

This can lead to a lot of stress, and if you are being pulled in two different directions you’ll never move nearer to neither of them so the feeling of not progressing – or sometimes of going backwards – is what often causes the burn out.

And believe me we’ve all been there.

The solution?  Who do you want to reach?

The solution is very simple.

It’s for you to sit down and really think about exactly *who* you want to teach and *how* you want to teach them.

We can’t teach everyone in the world, so only want to attract students who are exactly  in line with what *you* want to teach.

This might mean changing jobs or starting your own school, but that’s never a bad thing.


Ninja Tip: If you are in your own school then don’t just have students come forever and ever. You’ll never get there and feel depressed. Instead, have them sign up for set modules with set concrete goals. Each time they graduate you’ll all have a sense of achievement. Of course they’ll want to sign up for the next module, which you will develop according to their needs, and this approach will guarantee you more new students too. It’s a bit like Karate where you build up through the ranks to get your black belt!

Once you get everyone going in the same direction with students who want to learn what you want to teach it’s amazing at how enjoyable, and productive, your teaching becomes again!

So that’s my Ninja Tip:   Choose.    

Plan to attract the students you want,  and let go of the ones you don’t. 

PS. Thanks for the “Starter Pack” and your dedication!

You’re welcome!

Be genki,


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Photo: Mike Behnken

Greetings from Shanghai!

I’m just here for a couple of days and we were looking at maybe doing a workshop here in September.

But … midweek was the only time I had free and it looks like that won’t work out for everyone else, so we’re going to pause the Shanghai workshop this time and we’ll hopefully get something sorted out for 2015.

As always it’s an amazing city, if you want to see the future, you can always find it here!

I am right in thinking that weekends are the best time for you guys in Shanghai, yeah?


Kawasaki September 21014

Never fear though I will be presenting a day of activities just across the water in Kawasaki on September 14th 2014.

This one is sponsored by the Community of Filipino English Teachers ( Coffet) and it will be all funky cool stuff tailored especially for Filipino and ALT teachers.  Get in touch and Lynn will send you all the details!

Ninja Tip:  If you are a teachers group in Japan and would like to organise something on September 13th or 15th for your group, Get in touch, we might be able to split some of the travel expenses!


 Spain Murcia, October 25th, 26th 2014

Then I’ll be heading back to Europe for another amazing two day workshop this time in Murcia, Spain in October!

Italy was amazing this year and Juanjo, who flew in from Spain, was so impressed we’re putting on another amazing workshop in his home country of Spain.

It will be *awesome*  and we’re expecting seats to sell out very quickly, so if you’d like to join us, get in touch ASAP and Juanjo will be in touch with all the details!

Auckland – from Thursday!

Then this Thursday I’m heading to Auckland, NZ  for 4 weeks checking up on our Internship Programmes,  and of course making more funky cool new Genki English things for you too.

Enjoy the holidays and be sure to join us for some live Genki English action, motivation and super all round energy boosting this year! :)

Be genki,


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In a field of black and white cows,   i.e. other English classes that are indistinguishable from each other,  why would anyone choose to study English with you?

The answer,  be a Purple Cow.  

It is the reason some English schools succeed, whilst some are still struggling, and many of you will have seen me recommend it in my “Start your own school” live workshops.

Even if you don’t have your own school, it still applies.

Why should kids pay attention in your lesson?

What makes it different from the other subjects?

If you’re looking for a quick read on your kindle this Summer,  check out the new version,  it’s well worth it!

P.S.  Ninja Business Tip:  If you do have your own school, spend at least 15 minutes each day reading business books.  It will revolutionise your school.

P.P.S.   And start with everything else by Seth Godin.    And also Brian Tracy.   Oh, and go on, you might as well throw in Napoleon Hill too! :)  

P.P.P.S.   Or if you’re just looking for a fun, lighter Summer read, then do check out The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change  Happy reading! :)



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