Winter Sports

Target English: I like .... sports
Target grade: All ages
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This lesson started out as a request from teachers for some Winter sports after you've done the regular Winter Clothes, Make a Snowman body parts etc.

It's also great for the Winter Olympics and, for higher level class, a fantastic link to teaching the simple past with the Summer Sports lesson.

On vol. 13 there are 3 versions of the song:

1) The regular version with "favourite" and "sledging"
2) USA version with "favorite" and "sledding"
and 3) For higher level classes, the same vocab with "What do you do in the Winter?" as the question.

The last option makes a great link with the What do you do? lesson, showing how the same English can be used in different situations!

Recommended Games: Turn & Circle & Grammar Tic Tac Toe (there is a digital version of the Grammar Tic Tac Toe game in the software!)

Recommended Game: Double Mini Leapfrog

You can also try an extended version of the leapfrog game with "I like ..." and "I don't like ..."

(Here Margit's kids are using the summer cards, but of course it works just as well for winter sports!)

1. Lay out two sets of minicards, face up in a row. On one set of cards put a big X and a big tick on the other set.

2. One kid starts at one end saying what's on each card. If there is a tick they say "I like ....", if there is a X they say "I don't like ...."

3. At the same time another kid starts saying what's on each card, but they start at the other end!

4. When they meet they "Rock, Paper, Scissors"

5. The winner starts from where they stopped.

6. The next person in the loser's team starts from the beginning of the row.

7. The first team to reach the far end is the winner.

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