Workshop in Germany 2006

This was my first first workshop in Germany and I must say you were indeed all very genki! Thanks for a great day!

As promised here is a list of what we did.

First of all, the 2 Rules of Genki English:

  • Think "I can do it!" and you can!
  • "Losing" just means "try again"!

Then in the Morning Session we did:
Then a very nice lunch, and in the afternoon we did every more!

There are more games on the games page. Also have a look at the Online Workshop Videos.

To get hold of your own CD set, have a word with Andrea who can order them through the Kids Club. And there are also Student Packs of CDs.

You were all really great today, and it was a real pleasure to present all the ideas to such nice people in such a beautiful location! I'm sure your kids are going to be really genki from now on!

Please feel to get in touch!

Be genki,


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