Better Students.  Happier Parents & More Income for your School?   This is the Genki English Homework program!

🦠 UPDATE:  With covid going on it’s not possible to use USB Memory Sticks right now,  so we are extending this program to include downloads.   The students pay you,  you pay us and we email out download links to your student.  So you can continue as before with the extra income stream and the benefits of the flipped classroom!


How much progress would you make if you took guitar lessons but could only practice during class time?

So I think by now we’ve all realized the kids learn so much better by having the software at home.   Plus of course for you as a teacher or a school it’s always good to get additional sources of revenue.



In short:

  1. You re-sell your own branded version of the Genki English software to the parents.  Most franchises only give you 10 or 20% commission,  with Genki English you get 50% commission.
  2. Set next week’s lesson as this week’s homework.
  3. Watch your students’ English skyrocket!  ( Along with the number of new student referrals they give you!)


Or in more detail …


Imagine trying to learn the guitar without a guitar at home.   That’d be crazy.

And it’s the same with English.  Without an English environment at home it’s so much more difficult.  And you end up spending too much class time on class control, discipline and getting the kids to try and understand everything.

With Genki English at home that all disappears,   the kids come to class desperate to show you what they’ve learnt and the parents love the fact that they can both help their kids and have a teacher who spends time interacting with their kids in class rather than just “teaching.”

Plus you have no hassles with pronunciation, motivation or class control, it’s all now taken care of.

So why drive a rickshaw when you could be riding a Ferrari 🙂

Plus … it also provides you with an extra income for your family…

Step 1:  Are you ready?

  • You offer a “Genki English Superclass” with all the extra benefits of speed, fluency and creativity that come with this program.
  • Instead of the regular $497 for the Genki English software,  each child in your superclass buys your personalized version of the software from you on a USB stick (or downloads during Covid) for just $249 ( 190 Euros/ 29,000 JPY).    Half the money you keep, half you send to Genki English.  ( And remember this a program that cost over $1m to develop so you’re using a million dollar program here.)
  • To insure the success of all students (& to remove a teacher’s fear that parents might buy just one copy and duplicate it)  every student in each Superclass has to purchase the software from you in order to join the class.

Step 2: Each week ….

  • Students play with the video game, song and talking words sections of the software at home and parents check off each time the students do so.
  • Students come to lessons already knowing today’s target English, desperate to tell you what they’ve learnt!
  • You simply check their comprehension & pronunciation and do the song all together in class.
  • The rest of the class time is spent actually using the English they have learnt with the classroom games/activities.
  • Motivation, class control, getting kids attention and pronunciation, all taken care of.
  • At the end of each class you show the students the theme to practice for next week’s lesson.

Step 3: The future ….

  • Your Superclass students graduate faster than any other class in town.
  • Word spreads.
  • You end up with a waiting list of students desperate to join classes that are much more fun, easy to prepare and fulfilling than ever before.

To apply for the program you have to be a Genki English VIP member, be confident in your own teaching skills and believe in your ability to work together with parents to provide an amazing learning experience. If that sounds like you, get your first class of 8 students ready to purchase and then apply now:

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I'm sharing it all with you now...

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  1. ELENA

    Thanks a lot for your tips and hints. I adore what and how you do. I don’t like boring lessons, so I also bring them to life each time. Children like me, I hear what they want and they achieve great results. Thanks for ideas and your specific way of teaching. I’m really astonished and find it great. You are a perfect teacher.

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