Thanks for all the amazing feedback on the new site design yesterday – thank you!

One big request was to have all the VIP content available on one page.

There’s quite a lot out there, but let’s try our best!

P.S.  If you’re not a VIP Member yet, you need to buy your Teacher’s Set before clicking on these links! 🙂

2019 12 Month Homework Calendar

To keep students (and parents!) on track with the Homework Program

 A4 Flashcards & Minicards

As there are so many of these, the best way to get the A4 cards and Minicards is to choose the lesson you wish to teach from the curriculum and print from there.

( Ninja Tip:  Don’t print them all out at once, print them as you need them. Very often you’ll find yourself using the computer more and more and not needing as many flashcards!)

Vol. 13

1. I’m sorry!
2. Stationery
3. Whose is it? It’s mine etc.
4. North & South
5. Where is it? Phonics “i” Song
6. Summer Sports / Simple Past
7. Baby Dinosaur Irregular Past
8. U U Umbrella Phonics “u”
9. Winter Sports
10. “I can do it!” & “Try again!”

 Classroom Rules

To set up your discipline with “The Agreement” pick out two or three of the classroom rules below:


Imagination Worksheets

These worksheets work with the writing programme or as homework for pre-literate students.

Click here for video on how to use or click the worksheets below:

Evaluation Worksheets/Workbooks:

To go with the Homework Programme or just to hand out to parents to keep them up to speed on what you are doing.


Volume 12

Pirates & colours, Where is the spider?, Make a monster, Skeleton Soup
I want to be a .., Haunted House, Thanksgiving, Gingerbread Man,Shapes

Volume 11

I am a Robot, Treasure Adventure, Summer Clothes, Heads & Shoulders
Shapes, Pronouns II: Look at me!, Days of the Week, School Subjects

Volume 10

Apple Bobbing, Trick or Treat, Let’s build a house, Gingerbread House,
Build a snowman, Colours, Where are the…?, Happy New Year
Get Well Soon

Volume 9

I’m a superhero!, Can you speak…?, I, you, me, he she, pronouns
Excuse me, are you?, Winter Clothes, Eat! Drink! Dance!,
I want to ….., I want to be …?

Volume 8

I like animals!, I like vegetables. What’s your favourite flavour?
Numbers 13 to 32, Hip Hop Numbers, Do you like animals?
Numbers 1 to 12, How many?

Volume 7

Disco Warm Up, Breakfast, Brothers or sisters? What time is it? Pt 2
It’s not bad, it’s good! Come on, Come on! Can you kick?
Rooms of the House, Phonics abc song

Volume 6

Do you have any pets? Easter Egg Hunt, Happy Halloween
What would you like …?, Where do you live?, Make a Face
What can you see under the sea?

Volume 5

When, When, When? How do you say … I can do it!
Creepy Crawlies, Ordering Food Part I, Ordering Food Part II
Favourite … ? What do you think? Under, on, in

Volume 4

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Doctor, Doctor! My … hurts!, Animals
What do you do?, Where, where?, Bigger, please!, Mr Octopus
Genki Christmas

Volume 3

Good Morning, Sports, Do you like food?, Months of the Year
Transport, Adjectives Guessing Game, More Questions, I’m thirsty!

Volume 2

How old are you?, Fruit Market, What time is it?, Colours
Where are you going?, What are you doing?, Baby Monkey Family
The Monkey Family, Rocket Launch

Volume 1

What’s your name? How are you? Left and right How much?
Thank you! What’s the weather like? How’s the weather?

These also work in conjunction with the Homework Calendar:

And passport:


Put a message up on the VIP forum if you’d like your school logo on your passport.

 Phonics – complete reading program

Of course you get access to the full Genki Phonics course.

First we have the portrait A4 posters (with stories,) recommended for front of class use.

Then the landscape workbooks if you wish to give sheets to each student.

Check out the videos on the phonics page for how to use them.

NEW:  Here are mini phonics cards along with the first set of funky words!


Here is the 3 page overview chart:

And the Snakes & Ladders Game:

NEW:  And there is the new Genki Phonics Homework App for your students.

Genki Phonics App Logo 


For Gamification of Your Classroom

Printable Game Avatars – how to use

Books & Library

Ninja Tip:  If you’re on an iPhone select “open in iBooks” you’ll have them stored for offline use.




Spanish – en espanol

Mandarin Chinese

(Note: the Chinese one is
in a different order)


Imagination Worksheets Snakes and Ladders Games book of dice Spaghetti Tests Island Hopping Games Black and White Mini Cards Teachers Halloween Book Kids Halloween Book

+ new Game Cards for the Namecard Game.

VIP Card Games

Just like its more famous cousin “Uno”, this is a card game based on the traditional Crazy Eights game.
We have several versions available for you here, the classic “numbers + colours” version, a “family + vegetables” version and a prepositions version. This is the really cool part about the game, once you’ve taught each theme separately it’s great at linking them together to make longer sentences.

Colours & Numbers School subjects & days Prepositions
Weather & Countries Personal pronouns (he, she,
they, we, I, you) & Stationery
Clothes & Colours
 Christmas Prepositions  Family & Vegetables  Colours & Shapes
Colours & Fruits  Halloween Monsters &
Beard Colours
 Haunted House
e.g. Skeleton is in the kitchen.

Basic Skills Workbook

If you’re teaching Genki English everyday in pre-school, Amye has just put up a fantastic workbook of basic skills worksheets for you.

Adventure Level:


Brainy Level:

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.21.23 PM  Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.21.59 PM

“Photo Real” Flashcards

Extra bonus cards, perfect for older students.

 keys kite flying ice cream

Plus there are lots, lots more as you explore the site,  try the links below to get you started!

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I'm sharing it all with you now...

8 Responses to “VIP Printables”

  1. Mr.Rainbow

    Have been requesting this a few times, and is VERY happy you took the time to put it all in one place.

    Thank you!

  2. Gumby

    Wow this is fantastic! Now would this link be somewhere on the webpage so that I wouldn’t have to do a search to find this blog post?

    Just an aside…

    I had my meeting with the elementary school teachers and it went rather well. I had been worried that once teachers were used to teaching with the books offered by the Ministry of Education in Japan, it would be harder to get them to try GE. I found it to be the opposite. I pushed that the books Hi, Friends! is lacking in repetition, thus the kids forget what they learned in previous lessons. I stressed GE and said how the materials really help students retain the language.
    What I found was that the ones nodding their heads were the ones who had used Hi, Friends! They saw what wasn’t working and could appreciate what does! I haven’t been this hopeful in a long time. This year looks to be a good year!!!

  3. Margit

    Really great! Thank you!

    go under “help”~ here you can find everything.

    I agree with your observation. When I did the teachers workshop at a school where teachers had depended on “Hi Friends” I had them do a lesson on different topics on day two, with either GE or HF There were actually several teachers who chose “Hi Friends” but only to underline the difference and show how bad it is compared to GE.

    On the other hand though I have met several teachers who would not go for GE even though they know how good it is. These are all those teachers who are really really good; good in speaking English, good in creating a good classroom, ~so I guess to them it doesn’t matter what material they have, and their rule is: We teach what MEXT tells us to, as this is our job!
    It also seems to be some kind of protection in case there are complaints from parents. If they use MEXT materials they can always refer to this and the responsibility is not theirs.

    Oh well, maybe we should write a book on this some day. Let’s keep the spirits high; I do agree: this is a very special year, having started very positive. Let’s put all in we can and see how it goes!

  4. Richard Graham

    Great to hear all this, yes there does indeed seem to be a bit of a sea change going on, we just had a great Head Teacher with us on Sunday who was asking all the right questions!

  5. Lee-Anne Feier

    When is Amye doing a Basic Skills workbook for the Challenge level?

  6. Elena

    Basic Skills Workbook are amazing! Thank you.
    Will there be for other levels as well?

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