🔥 How to Attract Amazing Students who Love what You do & Pay the Prices You Deserve, all Without Sacrificing Precious Family Time.  Online or Offline.

Discover how to find your perfect students and love every second of your teaching!

You want to teach.  You want to help people.  And you want to earn a fair, great or even fabulous income doing it.

That’s what we’re going to show you in this Genki English “Genki Business” course.

Taking the best from online and offline teachers from all over the world, we’ll show you everything you need to thrive with your teaching.

You could spend a fortune on other business training or marketing courses  but they wouldn’t focus on you and how your English teaching or English school really works.  You’re going to learn all the secrets, techniques and background work that I have learned traveling all over the world and talking to the most successful teachers & language school owners.   They love to share their ideas and I’m simply passing them on to you 😀.

Thank you Richard for everything you do for us. l bought the GE Teacher's Set two years ago and joined the Business Course a year ago and since then I easily 5x my income! I bought a flat and equipped it as a studio for my classes 🙂 And I'm sure if l put everything into practice l would 10x my income 🙂


You don’t need to travel to expensive locations though, you can start from the chair you’re sitting in right now.

Each week you’ll have one 60 minute pre-recorded video with the core skills you need to take your school to the next level.  You’ll follow it up with fun homework where you’ll see results right from the start.   You can watch as each video is sent out, or review it later if your schedule is a little hectic.  Plus I’ll be in the special Genki Business Facebook group every week to answer your questions and coach you through each stage of the journey.


So if you are the type of person who wants to make a difference to their teaching and school right now,  then this is what you’ll be doing ….

Module 1: 😇 How to get a waiting list of *amazing* students!

Figure out exactly who you want to teach and exactly how you want to teach them.   No more pressure to teach things you don’t believe in, now you have the freedom!  Plus learn the mistakes I made and how you can avoid them.  This is going to save you years of time!

Module 2:  📈 Get paid your true value (it’s way more than you think!)

No more guessing on how much to charge.  With the “Million Dollar Pricing Plan”  ( or “$10k Pricing Plan” if you want to aim low)  you’ll take away all the stress and know *exactly* what to set your prices at.   The peace of mind and good nights’ sleep this will bring you is worth the whole price of the program for many people.

P.S.  This is also the part of the puzzle that nearly all English teachers get wrong!   Make sure you’re not one of them.

Module 3: 📣 How to market your lessons & get the word out there! The Marketing Secrets from the top schools & freelancers

Standing outside with fliers isn’t going to work anymore.  I’ll show you the top marketing ideas,  many of them zero or low-cost that the best schools and freelancers from around the world are using to get new students right now.

Module 4: 💪 The Success Habits to keep your energy & motivation sky high (even in the dark days!)

It sounds all “hippy” and “woo woo”  but taking care of yourself is the best way to take care of your business.  I walk you through the strategies, mindsets and morning routines that some of the most successful school owners use.  If you want a stress free life, this is where you start.

Module 5:  👩‍👧‍👦 The real secrets & strategies on how to hire AMAZING staff – if you really want to!

Do you want to build a team?  Or go it alone?  Either way this module will show you how to hire a team of SUPERHEROES who will take your vision to the next level.  Or it might just show you that you’d much rather keep things simple on your own and we show you the best way to do that whilst maximizing your free time & family time. 🙂

Module 6:  🎉 Accountability. You’ve got this huge energy boost, here’s how to keep it growing & growing!

It’s all very well learning all these latest techniques, the trick is putting them into practice.  And we do that with COMMUNITY.    In the course you will have an amazing community of fellow teachers and school owners to keep you on track, to ask questions and you also have a  library of one-on-one video consulting sessions with school owners just like yourself so you can see their struggles, achievements and learn their strategies.  We’ve got your back and we’re here to support you 100%!


Bonus Module:  ⚡️ How to attract students in the new online world?  This is how you master it!

Want to teach and eventually live on the beach?  Or do you want Facebook or Instagram to do all the hard recruiting work for you?   This module is for you.  I’ll show you the techniques and strategies that are working right now to gain students from all around the world,  and that I have personally paid 10s of thousands of dollars to learn, so you can be your own master of online marketing!



Bonus Module:  💰 The one simple strategy on how to keep more of what you earn & thrive even in the downtimes!  Money Mindset, Finance & Investing

OK, so now you’ve earned all that extra income, what do you do with it?  How do you try to keep it safe? And how do you make it work for you especially in these crazy times?   That’s what bonus module 8 is all about!

* I’m not a licensed financial advisor in your country so always ask the licensed experts where you are.   This module is designed so you’ll know exactly what questions to ask them – and how to understand their replies! 

Bonus Hot Seats:  The quickest way to get results?  See how others are doing it with LIVE 🔥 HOT SEATS!

Each month we take one member of the course and have a 30 minute group “hot seat” where you can ask me questions and see how other school owners throughout the world are coping with, and oftentimes thriving, with the same issues you have in your school.   Check out the more than two dozen previous hot seats too – you’ll learn so much and it’s a huge confidence boost!


Update:  The hot seats are on a “first come first served” basis, so the sooner you get in the more quickly you can get your hot seat.  I also can’t guarantee that everyone will get a hot seat – especially at the busiest time of year or when I’m traveling – but again it’s first come, first served so get in as soon as you can!


WARNING:  The results you see on this page aren’t typical.  Most people read and don’t do.  So if you’re lazy or love your Netflix and sofa too much then this probably isn’t for you!   You have to put aside the hours each week.  It’s hard.  You have to dig deep.  And even then you might not succeed!  Just to let you know 🙂  

Plus ….  for 2021 take things to the next level with the Tony Robbins Masterminds

For this year you also get the chance to participate in my Tony Robbin’s certified online Mastermind sessions.   Covering topics such as TIME, MONEY, GOAL SETTING and more, you’ll get to benefit  from some of the best business training in the world right now.    ( Plus Ninja Tip:  You can use these techniques in your own adult classes!)

Plus ….  there might be a few more surprises for 2021! 🙂 


Q: Will this work in my country?

A:  Yes, no worries, we have teachers and school owners in the program from all over the world!

Q: I teach online, will this work for me?

A:  Yes indeed.  The techniques I present here have been used by thousands of other teachers from around the world to set up their own online teaching programs and courses.   And although it’s far from typical, some have made literally millions of dollars from these ideas.

Q: Do I have to be teaching kids or Genki English to benefit from this program?

A: No, it’s designed to be teaching agnostic so although I’d love you to be teaching using my materials, you don’t have to be 🙂

Q: I already have a successful school with many staff and many students.  Will this course be of benefit to me?

A:  Yes it will, many of these techniques and ideas are used by high 6 and 7 figure* teaching businesses around the world.   And it’s probably easier for you because just one marketing or HR idea could make the course pay for itself many times over!  (* = revenue between $1m and $10m per year)

Q: I don’t plan on hiring more teachers,  I just want to do this myself.  Will the program work for me?

A: Yes, it will 🙂   We show you how to set up a “Lifestyle Business” that gives you the lifestyle you want whilst running your teaching to your own schedule.  You don’t have to hire other teachers if you don’t want to.  In fact for many teachers staying as one person is the best option and we show you how to make the most of it.   But of course if you ever did want to dream and think about getting bigger we have all the training there for you.

Q:  I don’t have a “school” I work as a freelancer,  will this help me?

A: Yes indeed,  we have many freelancer teachers in the program as well as school owners.

Q: I still work for another language school,  is it worth me joining the program?

A: Definitely!  If you’re working for a government school then this is basically your pension top up,  we’ll show you how to monetize your teaching skills to continue the lifestyle you’re used to.  If you’re working for a horrible boss in a language school then this is your way out!  We’ll show you how to set up the school of your dreams where you LOVE coming to work each day.  And finally if you are working for an awesome boss then this program is going to show you how you can help them get more students, increase their prices and help you to help them get a much better work/life balance.  Which means they are going to love you forever! 🙂

Q:  I’m really lazy,  I just want to watch the videos and get more money without doing anything.  Will this work for me?

A:  Errrrr, no.   This probably isn’t the course for you!


Rest Assured 🏅It’s all Fully Guaranteed

I don’t know of any other video course out there specifically designed for school owners or teachers who want to start or grow their own business and I’m so thrilled with how the results turned out last year that I’m more than happy to fully guarantee it this time.   If you don’t find it super awesome for your school,  just send me an email within 30 days and I’ll give you your money back.

Check out what 😀 everyone else is saying about the program – and remember these aren’t typical results,  these are the superstar teachers 🙂 

Adriana from Ecuador:

Beverley from Italy:

Fleur from Indonesia:

Oksana from Siberia

Fanitsa from Italy:

How Tanya went from 40 to 150 students …

Helen from Russia:


What would it be worth to teach only the English that YOU want to teach?
To have only the students and parents that love what you do?

What if you only got 1, 5 or 10 amazing new students as a result of doing this course?
What would that be worth to you?
& What if you were truly extraordinary and managed to get an extra 20, 50 or 100 amazing new students?
What would that do to your bank balance this year?

It’s your turn now.   You are going to ❤️ love this experience  – so get signed up & join us today!

UPDATE:   I’m just opening up enrollment now as I’m on lockdown (again!) and have the time to help you.   Once lockdown gets lifted I’ll be closing down the enrollment for new students so if you’re interested then be sure to join now!

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⭐️ Full Genki Business Online Course
🧠 All the Knowledge
🎬 All the Modules
📝 Personalized Feedback
🔥 Your Own Group Hot Seat Call
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