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Click below for the Talking Genki Phonics Soundboard (right click for full screen!) or keep reading for the full Genki Phonics program!

Teach your children to read in 7 hours or less with the Full Genki Phonics Program!

It sounds complicated, but Genki Phonics is easy. ย It’s based on the UK Government’s guidelines & has been researched by Harvard University Graduate School of Education.
Check out the video below – it’s already been viewed over half a million times by parents & teachers just like you from all over the world! ๐Ÿ™‚


And let’s get started with the pdf Genki Phonics Pack:


โ€œAt the beginning of the course they couldnโ€™t read a single sentence, but now they can read a book.โ€ – World Teach Teacher Participant



1. Cover all the sounds of English with the simple one page Phonics Posters PDFs.

2. Make the jump to reading words & sentences with the โ€œI can read it!โ€ย Genki Phonics Graded Reading Stories (in the same pdf.)

3. Now it’s time for writing with the 7 “Let’s start writing” pdf Workbooks.

Believe it or not that’s everything you need to start reading and make the jump to reading full books, stories and everything else in life!

5 minutes a day for a total of 7 hours! ย Plus ….



1. To see how far you’ve come …. ย  “The Big Picture” 3 Page pdf Wall Chart

Genki Phonics Overview Part 1

2. To make it even more fun …. ย  “It’s Game Time!” ย pdf mini cards


3. And to show your final black belt reading skills …. ย  “Be a Reading Master” final review pdf Snakes & Ladders game.

Genki Phonics Snakes & Ladders

Everything you need to get your child loving reading in 7 hours or less.

Remember, it’s all guaranteed. If it doesn’t help your child to read, just send me an email and you’ll get a full refund.
I’ve been doing this for over 20 years so I’m pretty confident in how it will help you ๐Ÿ™‚

How little does this cost?

Whilst you could spend hundreds of dollars on boxes of books or tutoring sessions and that Genki Phonics is used by thousands of schools and parents all over the world, ย I’ve made three easy to pay options available so that everyone can get access to Genki Phonics. Enjoy!

Home Set $47
Genki Phonics Posters +
Genki Phonics Stories PDF
Workbook PDF
Wall Chart & Games PDF
+ Permission to print and use at home with your own children
School Set $197
Genki Phonics Posters +
Genki Phonics Stories PDF
Workbook PDF
Wall Chart & Games PDF
+ Permission to print and use in a school with up to 100 students

*If you need to teach more than 100 students or need your students to also get confident speaking skills then the full Genki Phonics program, complete with permission to use with all the students in your school, is also included for free with the Genki English Teacher’s Set.ย  ย ย If you already have the Genki English Teacher’s Set, you can download the phonics materials onย the VIPย phonics page.