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Progress Handouts / Workbooks / Classroom Posters!

Two of the keys to the success of Elementary School language education, according to the EU, are "parental involvement" and "continuation". It's to help with these that I have uploaded these fun A4 pages containing all the language used in each of the Genki English themes. They'll make a big difference to your teaching!

Here's how to use them!

1) Keep a copy in a "Teacher's File" for each class
Very often when teachers (or ALTs) change at the end of the year there is no record of what the kids have studied. This often leads to duplication of material which then leads to lack of motivation on the part of the kids. Keeping a folder with each of the lessons studied makes it easy to see what the kids have done, what they need to do and what they need to review.

2) After each lesson give a copy to each student

One problem often encountered is that students and their parents don't realise, or can't remember, all the English they've learnt. So I recommend that each child has an A4 folder and at the end of each lesson you hand out the sheet for that theme to every kid. The kids can then take these home to show their parents (who can then support the work at home) and they can see themselves how much English they can actually say and how good a teacher you are! Each sheet has space for a date and signature to make it more personal for the kids which equals extra motivation.

(If you run your own school you might want to have a look at the full homework system)

3) Print out a larger (A3?) copy to put on the classroom wall
Keeping a record on the wall of the class shows the kids how much progress they have made and you'll probably find that at lunchtime and in their break time they'll test each other to see how many of the words they remember! This is very effective as the kids can constantly review the English, even when you're not at the school. Then when you are there you can spend more time teaching new stuff, and less time reviewing the previous lesson. Over the year the wall will fill up and really give the kids a sense of achievement. Then you can finish off the year with a certificate!

Enjoy and be genki,


Here are the workbooks in curriculum order:

And here they are in the older CD order:


Volume 12

Pirates & colours, Where is the spider?, Make a monster, Skeleton Soup
I want to be a .., Haunted House, Thanksgiving, Gingerbread Man,Shapes

Volume 11

I am a Robot, Treasure Adventure, Summer Clothes, Heads & Shoulders
Shapes, Pronouns II: Look at me!, Days of the Week, School Subjects

Volume 10

Apple Bobbing, Trick or Treat, Let's build a house, Gingerbread House,
Build a snowman, Colours, Where are the...?, Happy New Year
Get Well Soon

Volume 9

I'm a superhero!, Can you speak...?, I, you, me, he she, pronouns
Excuse me, are you?, Winter Clothes, Eat! Drink! Dance!,
I want to ....., I want to be ...?

Volume 8

I like animals!, I like vegetables. What's your favourite flavour?
Numbers 13 to 32, Hip Hop Numbers, Do you like animals?
Numbers 1 to 12, How many?

Volume 7

Disco Warm Up, Breakfast, Brothers or sisters? What time is it? Pt 2
It's not bad, it's good! Come on, Come on! Can you kick?
Rooms of the House, Phonics abc song

Volume 6

Do you have any pets? Easter Egg Hunt, Happy Halloween
What would you like ...?, Where do you live?, Make a Face
What can you see under the sea?

Volume 5

When, When, When? How do you say ... I can do it!
Creepy Crawlies, Ordering Food Part I, Ordering Food Part II
Favourite ... ? What do you think? Under, on, in

Volume 4

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Doctor, Doctor! My ... hurts!, Animals
What do you do?, Where, where?, Bigger, please!, Mr Octopus
Genki Christmas

Volume 3

Good Morning, Sports, Do you like food?, Months of the Year
Transport, Adjectives Guessing Game, More Questions, I'm thirsty!

Volume 2

How old are you?, Fruit Market, What time is it?, Colours
Where are you going?, What are you doing?, Baby Monkey Family
The Monkey Family, Rocket Launch

Volume 1

What's your name? How are you? Left and right How much?
Thank you! What's the weather like? How's the weather?
Where are you from?

And here are the older versions (needless to say I'd recommend using the newer ones above!)

Lesson 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors - Handout
Lesson 2: What's your name? - Handout
Lesson 3: Left and right - Handout
Lesson 4: How are you? - Handout
Lesson 5: REVIEW LESSONS 1-4
Lesson 6: Body Parts - Handout
Lesson 7: Animals - Handout
Lesson 8: Animals - Handout
Lesson 9: How old are you? - Handout
Lesson 10: REVIEW LESSONS 6-9
Lesson 11: Fruits - Handout
Lesson 12: What time is it? - Handout
Lesson 13: Colours - Handout
Lesson 14 REVIEW LESSONS 11-13
Lesson 15: Greetings - Handout
Lesson 16: Sports - Handout
Lesson 17: Do you like...? - Handout
Lesson 18: Seasons - Handout
Lesson 19 REVIEW LESSONS 1-18
Lesson 20: Christmas (if applicable) - Handout

Lesson 1: How much? - Handout
Lesson 2: Weather - Handout
Lesson 3: Where are you from? - Handout
Lesson 5: Occupations - Handout
Lesson 6: Where's the....? - Handout
Lesson 7: Rocket Launch (100) - Handout
Lesson 9: Where are you going? - Handout
Lesson 10: What are you doing? - Handout
Lesson 11: The Monkey Family - Handout
Lesson 12 REVIEW LESSONS 9-11
Lesson 13: When is your birthday? - Handout
Lesson 14: Transport! - Handout
Lesson 15: I have a question! - Handout
Lesson 16 REVIEW LESSONS 13-15
Lesson 17: I'm thirsty! - Handout
Lesson 18: Bigger Please - Handout
Lesson 19: Mr Octopus - Handout
Lesson 20 REVIEW LESSONS 1-19

How do you say ... in English? - Handout
I can do it! - Handout
Creepy Crawlies - Handout
Food Part I - Handout
What's your favourite ... ? - Handout
Food Part II - Handout
Where is Mr Monkey? - Handout
What do you think of ... ? - Handout

Halloween - Handout
Under the Sea - Handout
Easter Egg Hunt - Handout

And the CD7 Sheets:


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