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"What do you do?" Lesson

Target English: Occupations
Target grade: All ages
Song: The "What do you do?" Song can be found in the Teacher's Set
And in the new curriculum Level.

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What do you do?
by Richard Graham

What do you do? I'm a pilot. (x3)
What do you do? I'm a chef. (x3)
What do you do? I'm a farmer. (x3)
What do you do? I'm a teacher. (x3)

What do you do? And what is your job?
What do you do? And what is your job?

What do you do? I'm a doctor. (x3)
What do you do? I'm a student. (x3)
What do you do? I'm a fire fighter. (x3)
What do you do? I'm a police officer. (x3)

What do you do? I'm a carpenter. (x3)
What do you do? I'm a singer. (x3)
What do you do? I'm a dentist. (x3)

(Repeat Chorus x2)

In the classroom or at home ........

Whilst doing a gesture, the teacher says "I'm a pilot", one group repeats, then the other group repeats.  See who is the loudest!  

The last line is left blank so that kids can shout out what they want to be when they grow up!

Recommended Game 1:

Name card game

Recommend Game 2: Karuta!

Do the "What do you want to be?" theme first, teach the word "but" then try this game to mix the two together and make some very impressive English - all from just 2 lessons of work!

This kids love it - as do teachers!


For 2 or 3 players. Each player has a different coloured pen and chooses which job they'd like to start on. They draw a mark on this space with their pen, and also put down a coin to show where they are. One player rolls the dice. They can then move that number of places either left or right. If they can say "I'm a ..." plus the name of the occupation marked in the new space, they mark this space with their pen and move their coin here. The next person has a go. The winner is the person who has marked all the spaces!

Readers' Comments


Well, thank you! Now I have to figure a way to include this in my curriculum :D

BTW Love the shark at the dentist!


As always: thumbs up for all the work you do, Richard!


Great work!
 The graphics are beautiful. Thanks for all of your hard work!


Great! I just love the new animation and graphics!
Can’t wait to use it in class!

I’ve done 2 lessons on jobs. In the last one I asked them to draw what they want to be…some came up with incredible stuff..including jobs that we didn’t cover in the lesson for example: a designer, a stylist, a lawyer and a “serial killer”. Don’t worry, he doesn’t have any serious problems he just likes to be a silly clown!

I had them come up to the front and show the art work to the class.

Hi/ Hello, my name is ……
I want to be a ……
and they would place their picture on m desk.

Once they all finished, I shuffled them all and call each child to the front and had them take a picture from the pile and say…

This is Francesco’s picture.
He wants to be a ……

They really enjoyed it! Considering that they’re in 4th grade. I was fantastic lesson.

Thanks Richard for all your work!


Wonderful work, Richard!

Congratulations, great job!


Hi Richard,
I love the graphics, especially the dentist. Great stuff.

Thank you for making the English memorable and fun to learn for the students.

Way to go! In the game, the language used in it was clearly understandable. Awesome. I wish all of them would be just like this one! Wow, really loved those. Thank you Richard! I played this song last week and then to review I’ll show them this new one, I’m sure they are gonna love it as well as I did.

Really cool! Awesome graphics! Really cute! All of them!


Great. Tried it and love it. Thanks!


Hi Richard!

I’m glad to be here again!

All things are said but I’d like to confirm your words about ‘speak slowly stage’.

Kids learn to elicit needed information from the first lesson. They make mistakes of course, but they are not afraid of it if they see they can try again. They like solving puzzles and are so happy when they succeed in it.

And this is what GenkiEnglish helps them do!


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