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Target Language: I'd like some....
Target Grade: All ages
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This song is an easy introduction to the very useful "I'd like some..." phrase and a great start to a "shopping" or "restaurant" style lesson.
"What would you like for breakfast?"
by Richard Graham

What would you like for breakfast, today?
What would you like for breakfast?
What would you like for breakfast, today?
What would you like for breakfast, today?

Ifd like some bacon.
Me too!
Ifd like some ham.
Me too!
Ifd like some eggs.
Me too!
Ifd like some bread.
Me too!

What would you like for breakfast, today?
What would you like for breakfast?
What would you like for breakfast, today?
What would you like for breakfast, today?

Ifd like some cereal.
Me too!
Ifd like some pancakes.
Me too!
Ifd like some fish.
Me too!
Ifd like some salad.
Me too!

What would you like for breakfast, today?
What would you like for breakfast?
What would you like for breakfast, today?
What would you like for breakfast, today?

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How to teach ...

First of all tell the kids you are going to have a second breakfast ( always a popular line!), then the teacher sings the song and the kids shout out "Me too!" if they like the food or "Not me!" if they don't. If you have the space, adding a few country or barn dance moves really livens up the chorus!

All foods are all introduced in the "I like" forms ( e.g. "eggs" instead of "egg"), so you can just teach "I'd like some..." without having to worry about adding an "s" or any grammar style rules.

Once the kids know the song you then put them in groups and, using the karate version on the software, get them to think of and sing their own ideal breakfast. Cue lots of hamburgers and ice creams....

Other themes that link in with this theme are "Do you like ...?" and "Ordering Food" song.

The End of the World!

One really cool way to introduce this theme is to tell the kids the Sun is going to explode tomorrow! So for your final day on Earth - what would you like for breakfast?

That's pretty cool isn't it! Get them to interview lots of people.

Then get back to reality by assuring them the Sun really isn't big enough to explode!

Game 1: Buying & Selling

This first game is if you have lots of preparation time.

First of all do the How much? lesson Then ...

1. Give each child a sheet of breakfast minicards and lots of play money.
2. Assign each group a food to collect.
3. The kids get in groups of 2.
4. They ask each other "I'd like some" plus the name of the food they need + please.
5. They negotiate prices.

When every team has collected all of the items they are looking for, total up how much each team has spent. The one who has spent the least money is the winner!

This game works because as the game nears the end items become fewer and fewer and hence the price will increase! You can then play the Bad Fruit game but this time with breakfast words and "I'd like some"

Recommended Game 2: Menu Game

If you don't have much preparation time, try this game!

1. Print out the menu below (VIP members) or put the pdf on the projector

2. Everyone shouts out "What would you like for breakfast?"
3. One person makes an order with "I'd like .... + .... + ...."
4. Quickest person to shout out the price wins and gets to order next!

Recommended Game 3: He'd like / She'd like Game

Or Colin just sent in this very nice game to go with the breakfast lesson:

1. The players sit in a circle with a set of breakfast mini cards each.

2. The first player says: "What would you like for breakfast?"

3. Going round the circle, each chooses a card and says, "I'd like some..." + whatever's on the card.

4. The first player has to remember what all the others have ordered.

They goes round the circle saying "He'd like some...", "She'd like some...".

If they get it right, they takes the players card. If they get it wrong, they give a card to the player.

They will probably find this very easy, so before they get bored, give them all a set of drinks cards too.

Now it's , "I'd like some....... and some....".

I'm thinking of adding fruit cards in the near future.

The winner is the one with the most cards at the end of the game.

As for timing, you can let them play until: a/ somebody loses all their cards. b/ they've been round the circle twice. c/ your time limit is up.  

Evaluation Worksheet (What's this?)

You can find this song in the Teacher' Set.

Exchange Projects

One other cool thing to do with breakfasts is to do a similar project to the School Lunch Exchange, but where the kids video their breakfasts! They can of course just take a photo or draw the breakfast, as the main part of it is using the English to describe the food.

Kids love this type of thing. Here are a couple of examples to get you started:

Indian Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast

French Guiana Breakfast:

English Breakfast

Austrian Breakfast

Thailand Breakfast

German Breakfast

If you'd like to video your breakfast, put it up on Youtube and send me the link, I'd love to be able to share it with everyone!

Or you could have a big breakfast in your class, like Flossy did in Austria:

Be genki,


This song is in the Teacher's Set.

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