Do you want it, need it, have it, like it?

This is actually one of the very first themes I teach when I’m teaching intensive beginner adult classes. Β  It really opens up a huge range of communication ability for very little work!

For kids though it can conceptually be a little more difficult so we have it here a little further through the curriculum.

So get the kids to learn the new words and pronunciation at home with theirΒ student set and then in class review the words, make sure they know the meanings and then let’s do the “I love pink fish” game!

  1. Put all of today’s question flashcards at the back of the classroom*
  2. Put a whole series of vocabulary flashcards at the front.
  3. Put the kids into teams.
  4. At the same time, the first kid from each team runs to the back, grabs one of today’s flashcards, then runs to the front & grabs a vocab flashcard.
  5. The fastest kid to hold up both their cards and correctly form their sentence using “Do you + {todays flashcard} + {vocab flashcard}?” wins 2 points e.g. “Do you love ice cream?” **
  6. If the other kids can make their own sentence correctly they get one point.
  7. Repeat from step 5 with the next kid from each group!

* the “do you get it” card is the only one that doesn’t work in this pattern so feel free to leave that one out!Β 

** as we’re near the end of the curriculum here we expect them to get the articles right Β e.g. “Do you have a dog?” Β “Do you love cats?” Β If they make a mistake, don’t “correct” them though, Β just say “No!” if they get it wrong and let them figure it out as a team how to fix it!


If you have purchased your Teacher’s SetΒ in the last year you can find the lesson in theΒ “Oh My Level 15” section of your software ( Β Β Click here if you haven’t bought it yetΒ orΒ here if you need to VIP update to add the new levels)

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The vol. 15 workbook

And, due to popular request, Β the A4 cards too!