Genki Easter Reading Stories! (Update: Now in pdf too!)

Over on Instagram I’ve been sharing some silly Easter stories. Β  The English is a little too high for A1/A2 might be useful for some of your older or adult students!

Easter Eggs in Space!


Dinosaurs & Easter Eggs!


Pirate Captain Bunny’s Easter Egg Hunt!


The Fairy Tale Easter Eggs


The Chicken Mystery of the Giant Easter Egg


The Halloween Crew’s Easter SurpriseΒ 


The Easter Egg Samurai!Β 

Plus I also have a free Lesson of the Day over on Instagram too – be sure to check it out each day!

Be genki,


UPDATE: Β And VIP Members* can download the pdf version here!Β 

(You become an awesome VIP Member when you buy the Genki English Teacher’s Set!)


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