How to re-remember a language you’ve forgotten

After a brief trip to Tokyo and a tour of Italy, this week I’m back in Spain. ย  And this is the first time in about ten years where I’ve actually had to speak Spanish. ย  ( I was here in April but was speaking mostly German – long story!!)

So … I don’t have the time to go through Michel Thomas or Pimsleur (which is what I used last time to learn Spanish) or even Duolingo ( which has become terrible this year!)

What I need is a just a super quick high speed review of the basic structures and a ton of vocab.

Which got me thinking that a few years ago I did start just a project for English leaners called the “Phonics & Funk Vocab Builder” series.

Now at the time I did stop that as most teachers back then just didn’t have the confidence to use it, I wrote it from the learners point of view so it is very fast because as learners we just don’t have time to waste, and that scared a lot of teachers.

But now that most students simply bypass average teachers (not you, you’re a superhero teacher!) ย and learn themselves online then maybe I should bring it back? ย What do you think?


Richard Graham

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